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  1. The Cash Surfing Network is the combined effort of the Legacy Team and Eric Goettman. Established companies have created a plan to take the very beginner from simply viewing ads for money into a full traffic business affiliate. The core six traffic exchanges are free to join and you can start earning money right away guaranteed.
  2. I have found program to produce random facebook likes. Is it worth my time to develop these as a means to SEO performance. Please let me know if anyone sees this. Thanks.
  3. Interesting conversation guys! Thanks for sharing. I currently am not using twitter very much. I am focused on my facebook which I think has better potential. I'm not sure how to develop my twitter followers. I guess if I knew more about it maybe I could incorporate it as an online marketing tool. Is anyone having huge success with twitter in gaining customers? Thanks.
  4. Just to update everyone. I have created a business page and have been accumulating friends and seem to be making facebook work for me. thanks again for the response up there.
  5. mcwahl

    Stick to facebook if you want the marketing dollars. What is that stat being thrown around... one in five in the entire world have facebook. Facebook is my pick hands down. This google thing would have to pull off a miracle to cut facebook off at the knees. Thanks.
  6. As far as cyclers and matrixes go why not stay away from them. If you have this urge to gamble and that makes you happy go ahead. Why not work on building a stable business that you can count on online. To me they are black and white. Steady hard work is rewarded online just like real life. Speculation no matter if it is online or not is only sometimes rewarded. Just my thought of the day on this stuff. Thanks.
  7. Link180 is paying people to use their home page and then to refer others. Their page reminds me of yahoo for the most part. It seems like the same stuff to me. In case anyone is interested they can check it out. Hope it helps. Signing up as a ViraDyne affiliate is simple and FREE! Nothing to buy! Nothing to sell! Make Link180 your homepage! Use your new Link180 homepage! Refer at least 5 new people who make Link180 their homepage! Encourage all your referrals to refer other Link180 homepage users! The more Link180 homepage users you refer, the more money you make from ViraDyne! http://www.viradyne.com/mcwahl Thanks.
  8. I will just use my main site to be evaluated. I will list it below. Thanks http://marcuswahl.ws/NewForum :smile:
  9. I have heard and I didn't think their was much dispute that wordpress is the best blogging interface to use. I started with blogger and now I can navigate it pretty well. So if it doesn't cost me a lot of money in blogging I am gonna stay with blogger. I have like 8 or 9 live blogs right now. Thanks.
  10. Thank you Andi21... I will have to post to walls and like somethings on other's walls... Is there such a thing as exchanging social book marking services? Just brainstorming thanks.
  11. mcwahl

    Well I had it in there... it's just that it is really small in my signature :biggrin:
  12. mcwahl

    GVO is relaunching with 4 domain hostings, an autoresponder, video tools for embedding, a blogging type site, and a video conference room...etc. Does anyone know about this new product coming out? I just joined. Thanks.
  13. Startxchange is well run colorful traffic exchange. They have an ok chat running. It is a part of a foursome of exchanges owned by the same company. I like it cause I am in all four of them and I get a bonus for surfing them at the same time. Skype me if interested. Thanks. http://www.startxchange.com/?referer=mcwahl1
  14. mcwahl

    Thumbvu is a part of the Timtech 4 some of traffic exchanges. An interesting group of guys by the way. Thumbvu is unique in letting you see thumb pics of your next site(three of them)... so you can pick what you want to see. It has a social chat as well. Once again, I am scared of spamming so I just ask if your interested to skype me. If a mod sees this please tell me if I can leave a referral link. Thanks. edited it and left it. http://www.thumbvu.com/ref/mcwahl
  15. mcwahl

    Sweeva has a unique concept that I have not seen on any traffic exchange. They allow its members to post feedbacks on your internet site or splash page. They also have a chat(very important to me). Even the credit system is unique. You bid with credits to be shown at a certain time and people view the site all at once. I think it is pretty innovative. I will try to give you a link and the moderators can tell me if I am in violation... Sweeva Thanks.
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