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  1. VehTrade - Where Longevity Matters Break the chains and build your freedom We focus on stability and security giving our participants peace of mind while they participate in our program. Available Worldwide & Affordable. Join Now : https://vehtrade.com/?ref=strosdegoz Earn up to 1.90% for 180 Days (Principal Returned) Earn up to 11% Weekly for 33 Weeks (Principal Returned) Payment Processors Accepted : EgoPay, Perfect Money, OkPay, Payeer, BitCoin & PexPay Kind Regards Alan Jimenez (strosdegoz)
  2. I translated the TV News to English from Spanish. Get more details here and watch the video about the arrest of the Liberty Reserve owner. http://blog.donothingmoney.com/liberty-reserve-shutdown-confirmed-news-video/
  3. ------------------------------------------- Over 850 Members, next Goal 1,000 ------------------------------------------- Fast Payment received, only hours after request
  4. ------------------------------------------- Centurion Tornado Live in 10 Hours!!!!! ------------------------------------------- Do Not Miss This, I am ready with all the funds and my Alarm set to 15 minutes before the Tornado starts.
  5. I received my payment last Friday in a matter of minutes but didn't have the time to post, I received it and will post the one for the Friday above since I will do 100% Reinvest this one. --- Wealth Share Club Official update ---
  6. Payment received just minutes ago, more or less 24 hours after request. ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ AutoXTen still growing on a daily basis and it looks like all of the matrix issues are finally solved. :)
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily ROI awarded. Another 2% as everyday, stable and membership growing steadily. Solid & Stable program. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Join Here http://www.smsdailys.com/id/index.php?ref=strosdegoz "ANYONE With an Entrepreneurial Spirit Will LOVE SMSDailys.com and YOU Get Paid For Bringing it To Them!" How many people do you know that would LOVE the opportunity to receive DAILY mentorship from some of the world's TOP home business professionals straight to their mobile phone? How many people do you think THEY know and so on? SMSDailys.com has a POWERFUL, SIMPLE and EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE 8 level uni-level compensation plan that doesn't need an hour long "presentation" in order for you to "get it". Without a doubt, the Unil
  9. 00:55 UTC - 19 August 2011 We are so excited to announce that the Automatic Update process has been turned back on. Make sure you have your settings properly set. The QLxchange Downline View has been temporarily turned off. This is due to our IT Team's work on QLxchange and it is unknown when it will be available again.
  10. There will be lots of movement once the Tornado is over on the main cycler. There will be additional feeders to keep feeding funds into the program and keep the movement. Tornado will run more than just once. More improvements will be added to the website. Just be a little patient... Please :D -- One of the reason it takes time to see all the new improvements is because the CWC code is unique, so everything they do must be coded from scratch and specially for this program. -- I also received another batch of payments...
  11. I received my payment, very nice! Things can't be better with Wealth Share Club. Here is my screen shot -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
  12. I received my CWC Tornady Profit System payments today. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Payment received just now from AutoXTen A nice $25usd, they are working on some issues on the matrix but everything seems to be working great so far. ............... ...............
  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Centurion Wealth Circle Tornado Profit System Is Live!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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