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  1. Hey, guys❗️ Discord Giveaway is over❗️ We have our results❗️ Check ➡️ discord.gg/infamplatform 💥 Don’t forget to join our Discord server. All activities, info, announcements will be there!
  2. Why does INFAM need a Polygon bridge❓ The answer lies on the surface — the INFAM project strives to be multichain and enable its participants to maximize their profit👈 ✅ Polygon is a platform for building interconnected blockchain networks and aims to eliminate some of the main limitations of Ethereum, including its throughput, poor user interface (high speed and transactions delay), and lack of community management using a new sidechain solution. 👉 As you may have read from our previous posts, Uniswap 3.0 has recently been integrated with Polygon. What does this give us? It means that INFAM could trade on Uniswap and use its liquidity pool functionality! ❗️Actually, our bridge to the Polygon is already at the final stage of testing — soon, you will be able to experience all the benefits of working with it! Do you already have the Polygon network set up in your wallet? ✅❌ #ICO #InfamNews #crypto #INF #InfamPlatform #INFAM #startup #DeFi #Infam #blockchain #Polygon
  3. Why do you need INFAM NFTs❓ Many people are already using profit and benefits from the acquisition of NFTs in their investment portfolio: art aesthetics combined with earnings will conquer anyone❤️ What are the benefits of owning INFAM NFTs: ✅ 1 NFT = 1% voice in DAO. DAO co-owners receive an annual bonus from the profits of the entire DAO. Quarterly rewards are paid when holding NFT for more than one year. ✅ Ownership of NFTs gives a guarantee of getting into the Tier1 Whitelist on Infam Launchpad. ✅ Automatic participation in the tokens' Airdrops from INFAM partners. ✅ Private chat in Discord with the most up-to-date insider information on top NFTs and market novelties. ✅ Active gamification. Actively voting NFT' holders receive more bonuses and status upgrades. Have we convinced you? Then let’s go ➡️ Whitelist is open! 51 NFTs ONLY❗️ Click on the link, fill out the form, and be a few steps ahead of the market❗️ ➡️ https://bit.ly/3tDQ3h1 #IDO #InfamPlatform #DAO #Infam #DeFi #INF #startup #INFtoken #NFT #NFTs #NFTcommunity #NFTcollection #NFTcollectors #Whitelist #NFTWhitelist
  4. Why did we create INFAM DAO❓ DAO, as you know, is a new type of organization — a digital company, but without an attached legal entity. The community fully manages the DAO, which supports its future growth by purchasing DAO tokens. DAO Functions: 1️⃣ Inclusiveness — anyone can participate in the management of common funds. 2️⃣ Flexibility — DAO products can be used for any purpose after voting. 3️⃣ Redistribution of tokens earned from third-party participants in the form of DAO tokens among holders as an incentive. 4️⃣ Fair and decentralized governance — all participants make all decisions. How INFAM DAO works: ✅ 51 members vote and manage the DAO. ✅ All tokens are centrally stored in the DAO contract (not in the owner’s wallet). ✅ The withdrawal of any number of tokens is determined only by a general vote. ✅ 1 INFAM NFT = 1% of votes in DAO. Get unlimited preferences and benefits from managing DAO with INFAM❗️ ➡️ infam.io #IDO #InfamPlatform #DAO #Infam #DeFi #INF #startup #INFtoken
  5. The actual $INF rate, 18.01: 3.55 Buy and stake with bonuses here 👉 https://cryptology.com/trading/INF_USDT #InfamPlatform #InfamToken #INF
  6. Woooohooow❗️ Our community become bigger & stronger❗️ Thank you, guys❤️ #infam #infamcommunity #infamplatform
  7. Did you know that #Uniswap 3.0 is already integrated with @0xpolygon❓ 👉 It means that INFAM will trade on Uniswap and use its liquidity pool functionality! 👉 In Uniswap, the principle of automatic market-making (AMM) is implemented using liquidity pools, trading pairs consisting of user funds blocked in a smart contract. The ratio of tokens in a pair determines the price of the token. The realized supply and demand for tokens change the volume of tokens in the pool, and therefore the ratio between them is the price. 👉 Any user can participate in the pool: it needs to deposit both tokens from the pair into the pool in the ratio at the current rate. Such users become «liquidity providers», who receive 0,3% of the amount of transactions with the trading pair of the pool for their contribution. Thus, users themselves earn commissions, not the platform! Stay tuned and wait for news from us❗️ #Infam #startup #INFtoken #influencer #blockchain #InfamPlatform #InfamNews #crypto #INF #IDO #Polygon #NFT #DAO
  8. Hey Infamers, we have prepared for you a short Newsletter: ✅ — The bridge between BSC and Polygon will open next week. ✅ — The launchpad is in development, the mechanics for it are already ready. ✅ — NFTs are ready for pre-launch and whitelist, stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to get them. ✅ — The $INF token rate has reached $4, now it’s trading in the range of $3.7-$4 ✅ — The INFAM platform will open soon, there will be a lot of mass-market for it. How do you like this news❓ #InfamCases #INFtoken #Infam #marketing #InfamNews #InfamPlatform #ICO #InfamExperts #DeFi #crypto
  9. Guys, thank you for support and friendship❗️ Our Twitter reach 6000 followers❗️ INFAM works for you and your profit. And we lowered the minimum staking entry from 500$INF to 200$INF 💥 You can choose packages for 30/60/90 days with 40/55/99% APY on @Cryptologyexch Get EARN product today and start making profit every day ➡️ https://cryptology.com/earn #infam #infamplatform #inftoken #cryptology #inf
  10. Good morning, Infams❗️ Don’t forget we have a #Discord #Airdrop with a $1000 prize fund! You just need to register, invite friends, start chatting, and achieve the Master’s level ➡️ discord.gg/infamplatform Let’s go🚀🚀🚀
  11. The INFAM team is working on the aesthetics and convenience of all services — how do you like transactions to @0xPolygon in live mode❓ Yummy? Juicy? ✍️ #blockchain #INFtoken #InfamPlatform #INF #influencer #marketing #Infam #IDO #DeFi #PolygonMatic
  12. Guys❗️ INFAM has opened a DAO and is developing its management functionality❗️ How it will work: 💚 — More than 50 people will manage voting for tokens in the market. 💜 — All tokens will be stored in a closed DAO contract (not in the owner’s wallet). 💛 — The extraction of any number of tokens will be determined only by general voting. 💙 — 1 INFAM NFT = 1% of the votes in the DAO. We recommend paying attention to this advantage👈 The INFAM NFT Loot box is ready, so you should be able to get the management pack in DAO soon! 👉 Become a part of the #INFAM project: 51% of the management will be in the hands of the NFT holders. #Infam #DAO #INFtoken #blockchain #startup #marketing #InfamToken #INF #InfamPlatform #NFT #NFTs #NFTlootbox #DAOvoting #nftcommunity
  13. NTF hunters, don't forget about our #NFTGiveaway! 🎁 METABILLIONAIRE NFT #6788 1ETH giveaway @meta_billionaire is online❗️ 👉Registration link https://bit.ly/3EXpRAc The results will be on Jan.21! #InfamAirdrop #NFT #NFTcollector #NFTcommunity
  14. #InfamDayFact 👉P2P has quickly grown to become the peer-to-peer crypto platform of choice for users from all over the world. #Infam #INF
  15. Guys! Are you tired of waiting for news❓ And it’s hot here again🔥 The Sale of our NFTs is coming soon! We already made DAO, and now we are developing a bridge to Polygon (MATIK)‼️ Thus, the transaction fee will be lower, and the bridge fee will be in $INF tokens! How do you like this use case? 👉As you know, Polygon is a network of secure L2 solutions and autonomous sidechains. Its goal is to increase the scalability of Ethereum and reduce the cost of transactions. 👉Set up your wallets — just add Polygon to your preferred networks! #Infam #IDO #InfamToken #Investments #staking #InfamNews #InfamPlatform #INFtoken #influencer #crypto #NFT #NFTs #DAO

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