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  1. With the rapid development of the globalization of the encryption industry, countries and regions have higher and higher requirements for practitioners. Technology drives industry innovation. International policies, and the introduction and supervision of national laws and regulations drive the birth of a new generation of products. TDEX is one of them. Because the TECO ecosystem is no longer affected by centralized institutions, the TECO ecological decentralized trading platform TDEX came into being. According to official news, TDEX will be launched in the near future. TDEX is initiated by the TECO overseas community. It is committed to serving the users of the TECO global ecological community and creating a new generation of decentralized exchanges that are truly built for the future of the TT community. It is to promote the TECO global community. A very important step in entering DAO autonomy. The bottom layer of TDEX is based on: 1. Security of assets (decentralized wallet TECO), 2. Fairness of rules (smart contracts), 3. Diversification mechanism, 4. DAO organization. Truly return to decentralization, and give users in the global community a truly safe, transparent, fair, and ecological place organized by the DAO. It is worth mentioning that DEX has two major technological innovations. One is the pure contract version of the order-assisted transaction, which has significant advantages in transaction speed and transaction depth compared with Xswap. The second is that TDEX is a native DAPP with user experience in trading. Smoother. In addition, TDEX has also opened a new transaction mining model, where transactions and pending orders are mining, so that investors and traders can achieve a win-win situation under this economic model. As the representative of TDEX's overseas operations team said, "No matter from its birth background, development layout, technical characteristics, or diversified trading mechanism, the future value of TDEX is immeasurable". TECO DAPP download link:https://storage.teco.cool/teco/web/index.html
  2. In June 2021, Alibaba and Dunhuang Arts Institute jointly released two NFTs, Dunhuang Flying Sky and Nine Color Deer App skins, which were limited to 16,000 in the world. The works were looted as soon as they were released. On June 26, 2021, NetEase and Nervina Labs released their first NFT work on Taobao. On August 3, 2021, Chinese tech giant Tencent’s NFTs trading platform -Huanhe launched 300 copies "Vinyl Record NFT" authorized by TV program "Thirteen Invitations", and sold out instantly. Chinese giants' capital is vying to chase, and it’s so fierce. So far people can't help asking, what is NFT? Meet NFT NFT is short for Non-fungible Token,which is relative to the concept of Fungible Token (FT), each NFT has a unique and only identification, which is not interchangeable, and the smallest unit is 1 and indivisible. Generally, BTC, ETH, etc. we familiar with are Fungible Token. For example, BTC everyone owns is same, it’s interchangeable with each other, can also be divided into 0.1, or 0.01 without affecting the value and use. NFT represents indivisible and non-interchangeable items in reality, such as a real estate certificate, a famous painting, a piece of game equipment and so on. They are all unique, and completely lose their value and practicality after being divided. The most typical are collectibles and artworks. These products with non-fungible genes are digitized and tokenized using blockchain technology, and they have become popular NFTs today. NFT is one and only Economics stipulates that currency is a unity equivalent and a carrier of consensus on value. In modern society, personal wealth is no longer measured by currency holdings, but includes the value and quantity of assets under his name. Its assets include but not limited to items with market value such as houses, cars, stocks, etc. In most case, the value carried by an asset often far exceeds the value of the cash value they hold. However, real assets have two major shortcomings: poor liquidity and high cost of confirmation. For example, the determination of the right of a house needs to rely on the registration of the Housing Management Committee to determine the ultimate ownership of the house. But in the blockchain world, the assets we currently have are BTC, ETH with currency attributes. After meeting demand for monetary assets, a value medium of non-monetary assets will naturally emerge, and this is NFT. Relying on the decentralization, immutability and cryptographic authentication of the blockchain, NFT solves a series of problems of real assets: • The asset is unique and cannot be faked • Strong liquidity, real-time trading; • Cryptography is the confirmation and cannot be tampered with. In addition, NFT also has features that cryptocurrency does not have. Its unique features can be used for identity certification, item ownership certification, virtual props, etc. NFT makes crypto assets more practical, enabling users to expand the utilization of valuable assets in the form of NFT, and is protected by blockchain technology. NFT Boom Out NFT is not a new thing born this year, it has made any public appearances early in 2017, but more regarded as a niche thing within Ethereum. So, what is the real important promoter of NFT out of the circle? First, let’s ask a question: How much would a digital picture be? The answer is $69.3 million! On March 11, 2021, an unknown artist Beeple collaged his daily art work for the past thirteen years into a digital picture called "everyday: the first 5000 days". At Christie's, it was sold for $69.3 million, which shocked the world. Overnight, NFT became the outlet. This 40-year-old American painter also made great fortune overnight. The popularity of NFT has caused a huge sensation in many fields such as art, venture capital, and finance. Commercial filed such as NBA, Samsung, McDonald's, Marvel, movie stars, etc. are all releasing their own NFT products, and venture capital industry such as Three Arrows Capital, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, Coinbase, etc. have begun to invest in this field. Internet giants such as Tencent, JD, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all laying out the NFT battlefield. The opportunities and challenges brought by NFT are more than that brought by the mobile Internet to the Internet. From the perspective of business history, iPhone, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. were initially used by industry insiders. After going out of the circle by marketing, products, and the trend of the times, the entire society began to accept them, and they evolved from product for a specific group into mass infrastructure. Although the development of NFT is still at an early stage, the boom out of NFT will continue the historical trajectory and accelerate the application of blockchain technology. It is of great significance for promoting the digitalization of society. NFT Bright Future Except crypto artworks, will NFT have wider applications? We can find that NFT will be widely used in the future. For example, the recent popular NFT+DeFi and NFT+game, as well as the concept of meta-universe, are inseparable from the future development of NFT. The physical application of NFT will solve many problems for the society, such as: First, intellectual property. NFT can represent a painting, a song, a patent, a film, a photo, or other intellectual property rights. NFT can help each unique thing to register the copyright and help it identify the patent. Second, physical assets. Real estate such as houses and other physical assets are digitized through NFT. It can be used in financial markets such as the circulation of assets. Third, records and identification. The unique features of NFT, can be used to verify identity and birth certificates, driver's licenses, academic certificates, etc., to prevent abuse or tampering. There will be many physical applications of NFT in the future, which will surely solve various practical problems for the society. Presumably this is the ultimate goal of various giant capitals. As the world's first physical digital economy token trading platform-BtLux Exchange focuses on the implementation of blockchain scenarios that are closely related to people's lives. Different from other cryptocurrencies with no entity value support, BtLux regards the underlying innovation of the blockchain as an important breakthrough in the independent innovation of core technology, and takes the use of blockchain to trade, calculate, and record to promote real economic activities on the chain under supervision. At the same time, realize the market operation and value management of digital assets after the certification, redefine the interest distribution relationship of producers, consumers and participants, and form a brand new financial and business model. Soon, BtLux will accelerate the integration of NFT and physical enterprises based on years of experience in the implementation of blockchain physical scenarios, provide top-level business architecture design and digital economic model design for physical enterprises, and jointly build "blockchain" + "new ecology", So that participants in the entire chain can benefit. It would bring tangible benefits to the real economy and the entire society, and be widely recognized by the society, making digital currency a living water, flowing in the real economy, and bringing benefits to the real economy more vitality and new power. NFT is a new world brought about by the technological explosion era, and the digitalization process of the real world in the next ten years will also be greatly accelerated. In the future, only when NFT accelerates the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, the technological value of the blockchain will gradually emerge in this process. It will be able to bring new business models and reconstruct distribution models, market structures, organizational forms, and industry relationships to promote human beings to a new era of digital civilization, and in that, BtLux will become an indispensable promoter. BtLux Official website: https://www.btlux.top/
  3. The Phase 1 of Public Sale was launched on 4 September 00:00 UTC and was intended to end on 7 September 23:59 UTC. However the 2 billion MaMo was sold out within 1 Day 17 Hours 11 minutes 51 seconds. The Phase 1 Public Sale was all sold out on 5 September 17:17 UTC. We are really grateful for your support and trust in us. The Phase 2 Public Sale will be launched on 9 September 00:00 UTC. There are 4 billion of MaMo open for sale in Phase 2, which means there are more for you to grab! Each MaMo price is at $0.000095 for Phase 2. Meanwhile there are still 1 Airdrop and 2 BUSD Giveaways going on right now! MaMons can still join our Airdrop 3.0 at https://forms.gle/DwYNP1k9nLtsgsKA6 , remember to complete the tasks to be eligible to participate in the Airdrop 3.0! Also, we are giving out 50 BUSD to 10 lucky MaMons! What should you do? 1. Invite 3 friends into the community and tag 3 of them. 2. Claim the MaMo Airdrop at dapp.mamonft.com 3. Screenshot and send proof in the MaMo NFT Community at https://t.me/nftmamo and your BUSD wallet address (BEP20 Address) Last but not least, the final giveaway of 500 BUSD! How to participate? 1. Purchase MaMo at dapp.mamonft.com 2. Send proof and BUSD wallet address to us at https://t.me/nftmamo 3. We will verify the submitted proof and pick 10 lucky winners. If you're an NFT artist or NFT creator, you may hit us up for collaborations too! Please email us at [email protected] Otherwise if you need other kinds of collaborations, please send us your proposal attached in the email. The relevant team will contact you ASAP. Ever wonder why we say that MaMo is an one-of-a-kind NFT project? Let us tell you more. Our NFT gamification is one of a kind. This is how the game works: Users have to purchase MaMo Tokens in order to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis. Each puzzle is segregated by different amounts of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level. The unlocked jigsaw puzzle will be having a buffering duration and the owner can trade freely amongst each other. When a single puzzle game is completed, there will be a 72 hours window to determine those who are holding the most NFT jigsaws in a single puzzle and thus be entitled the ownership of the NFT puzzle. Do stay tuned for the Phase 2 Public Sale if you want to grab above 800% of profit! If you have any other questions, please do contact us at: Email: [email protected] Follow us at: Website: www.MaMonft.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/NftMaMo Telegram: https://t.me/nftmamo Medium: https://mamonft.medium.com/

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