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  1. El chat (término proveniente del inglés que en español equivale a charla),[1] también conocido como cibercharla, es uno de los métodos de comunicación digital surgido con lpaired queues nuevpaired queues tecnologípaired queues. Designa una conversación escrita realizada de manera instantánea mediante el uso de un software entre dos o más usuarios conectados a la red, generalmente Internet, ya sea a través de los llamados chats públicos (si cualquier usuario puede entrar) o privados (cuando la entrada está sujeta a autorización). El chat sirve para poder comunicarse con grupos de personpaired queues lpaired queues cuales opinan de diferentes tempaired queues y se entretienen incluso con herramientpaired queueso el video chat y enviándose enlaces para ver otrpaired queues páginpaired queues, criticarlpaired queues y darles like. Hay manerpaired queues de expresarse a través de la red, como por ejemplo; enviando emoticones que representan; carpaired queues simples, tristes, alegres, sorprendidpaired queues, gritando, llorando o haciendo gestos con partes del rostro. También hay diferentes tipos de chat o también grupos de discusión, etc. Riot Games You will deactivate the chat between equipment from the paired queues of League of Legends with the arrival of the Patch 11.21 . The Californian study hpaired queues explained in an official blog publication this mepaired queuesure, which seeks to end toxic behaviors in the popular multiplayer video game; whose nature hpaired queues implicit communication between players. This deactivation of / all chat will be temporary, one of the many mepaired queuesures that are trying to incorporate into League of Legends so that toxicity is eradicated paired queues much paired queues possible. From here in a couple of weeks they will make a process of collection of comments and feedback of the players to know if this action hpaired queues taken effect and in what way. The final decision will be announced after evaluating this first test with the chat between equipment deactivated. Chat between equipment of matched tails, deactivated lol with patch 11.21 We are developing various changes to deal with this at a systemic level, both in LOL and for all Riot in general . However, a change that you will experience soon is that, in version 11.21, we will deactivate the chat between equipment from the paired tails, start saying Andrei Van Roon , director of League of Legends, and Jeremy Lee , Head of Game Experience Production Although this chat can bring fun with them fun social interactions between equipment and talks without bad intentions, right now negative interactions exceed the positive ones . We will analyze the impact of this change through the reports of verbal abuse and penalty indices , added to surveys and the direct feedback that will be reported. Temporary mepaired queuesure: The final decision will be taken later For now, EL / All Chat will be the only one deactivated in League of Legends, but Enemies will be able to continue hearing the rest of the players and see the emoticons , the mpaired queuestery of champion - plepaired queuese be silenced- and how Ctrl is used +1/2/3/4. You will continue to coordinate with your allies through the team chat , nuance. We know that it will be frustrating for those who only want to praise their opponent by his appearance or paired queuesk a dance at the baron s moat. However, we believe that it is worthwhile to eliminate negativity that chat hpaired queues created between teams in your games. Faced with the controversy that hpaired queues aroused the decision, Andrei Van Roon hpaired queues underlined on Twitter that the mepaired queuesure is temporary, will lpaired queuest only some patches. The final decision will be taken soon. League of Legends is available exclusively for PC. Related Articles Legends with the arrival: Lol - fnatic is passed to the superliga: they join with team cheese to bring their academy to Spain League of legends: LOL: The mystery of the AFK accounts Bots in the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RANKEDs? Andrei van roon: Ice Hockey - Banana Gesture: 13 Games Lock for Ukrainian Professional Chat: FIFA 22: How to disable the language chat Chat between equipment: FIFA 22: How to disable the language chat Popular multiplayer video game: Best PS5 online multiplayer games
  2. Le football /futbol/ (ou dans le langage courant simplement foot, par apocope), ou soccer (/sɔkœʁ/, en anglais : [ˈsɑkə] ; en Amérique du Nord), est un sport collectif qui se joue avec un ballon sphérique entre deux équipes de onze joueurs. Elles s opposent sur un terrain rectangulaire délimité, équipé de buts définis sur les largeurs opposées. L objectif de chaque camp est de mettre le ballon dans le but adverse, sans utiliser les bras, et plus de fois que l autre équipe. Nommé à l origine football association, codifié par les Écossais,, à la fin du XIXe siècle, le football s est doté en 1904 d une fédération internationale, la FIFA. Pratiqué en 2006 par environ 264 millions de joueurs à travers le monde, le football possède le statut de sport numéro un dans la majorité des pays. Certains continents, comme l Afrique, l Amérique du Sud et l Europe, sont même presque entièrement dominés par cette discipline. Le calendrier est dominé par deux types d épreuves : celles concernant les clubs et celles des équipes nationales. La Coupe du monde est l épreuve internationale la plus prestigieuse. Elle a lieu tous les quatre ans depuis 1930 (sauf entre 1938 et 1950). Pour les clubs, championnats nationaux et autres coupes sont au programme des compétitions. En compétition de clubs, la Ligue des champions de l UEFA, disputée en Europe mais qui possède des équivalents sur les autres continents, est le trophée le plus convoité de ce sport, malgré la mise en place récente d une Coupe du monde des clubs, encore à la recherche de prestige. The Presidential Conference of the German Football Federation (DFB) has been pronounced for retaining the 50 + 1 rule. The scheme is elementary and involved in the actors recognized by the actors of the football competition in Germany, said the association in a press release after the session of the provincial properties. With this joint attitude, the DFB will go into possible negotiations with the Bundeskartellamt. Furthermore, the Presidential Conference reaffirmed the rejection of a shortening of the World Cup rhythm and the introduction of a Super League. World Championships All two years braided serious disadvantages for the development of football in many areas and could in particular have a negative impact on the development of women s football, the national associations communicated. Changes to the international play calendar should generally only be made in consensus. In addition, the Presidential Conference set clear demands on the new federal government to strengthen the (width) sport. Accordingly, there should be a Minister of State of Sport in the Federal Chancellery in the future. In addition, the provincial properties require an investment program for sports facilities, a higher recognition of the amateur value for society created by amateur football and a more sustainable support of the honorary authority. In addition, better promotion of integration and inclusion projects in the amateur sector is also necessary. 50 + 1 rule according to the Bundeskartellamt basically harmless In terms of 50 + 1, the Bundeskartellamt was finally concluded that the principle of rule is antitrust in principle harmless. However, doubts expressed the office at the exceptions for the so-called factory clubs Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Wolfsburg and TSG Hoffenheim. Articles and videos about the topic FCB Talent Tillman: Under Nagelsmann Tactically Better Great Ear snapping in DFB training: Slee Nimms Locker, Goretzka resists Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. If their special rights were tilted, it should come to a lawsuit - which could lead to a success in court for the complete elimination of the rule, massive distortions in the clubs and a fan uprising. Related Articles Actors of the football: Brazil's Premier League also German football federation: 3. League - Hard judgment in racism Presidential conference: The 13th Presidential Pear KEG Nationwide Connections, 9 days this year s best e-sports area Football competition in germany: A market, two leagues: The fronts in football are hardened Pronounced for retaining: Groundbreaking duels and coaches
  3. A week ago Closed Beta The Cycle: Frontier - a new completely rebuilt version of the game, which will now be characterized by an increased risk - We risk a lot to be able to get even more. The choices of players are important and the loss means loss of goods. Nevertheless, when you return from the inch and healthy expedition, the behavior of boots Initially, CBT acted under the confidentiality clause, but due to the very positive response of the community - in relation to Frontier - the NDA was decided. AS A Result to The Positive Reactions from our community, We have decided to Lift The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Unintil The End of the Closed Beta. From now on it is possible to stream, recording gameplay, doing screenshots or simply talking about the game. Nobody will prohibit you anymore. Here i here you can report your participation in closed beta tests. Apparently everyone receives a ticket, so all the more we encourage you to try the Cycle: Frontier. Related Articles Week ago closed beta: Marvel Duel is a coming card fighter for iOS and Android, who goes to the Closed Beta for selected regions this week - Closed Beta - Video Pavel News, Instructions, Exemplary procedures, reviews and Completely rebuilt version: This is how the new World War 3. Polish (M) Mofps after reconstruction Increased risk: Increased dementia risk: call for header ban - risk
  4. FIFA 22 has been in the Early Access for a few days, but that has not prevented EA SPORTS to publish a new player object. To celebrate the transfer of Xherdan Shaqiri from Liverpool to Lyon, the wing player has received an ones to watch card that you can unlock by completing two pretty simple squad building challenges. This is the first special ultimate team card of the wing player and will be updated in the course of the season depending on its services. And based on the fact that he has already achieved a goal in three games for Lyon, his ones to watch card could currently be more than his 79 OVR rating. When he wins five of the next ten games, it is likely that Shaqiris base card is increased from 79 to somewhere in the region 82-84. Where he lands, however, depends on his achievements in these ten games. Is it worth 22 Xherdan Shaqiri SBC against this background? Continue reading to find out. FIFA 22 Xherdan Shaqiri Ones to Watch Card statistics The Ones to Watch Map of Xherdan Shaqiri is not bad - even if you consider the statistics of the best FIFA 22 wing players - but it leaves much to be desired. Shaqiri has only 75 tempo and 65 stamina, which is not great - even for a starting corridor. His 91 dribbling statistics and the fact that he has 5 star skills and a weak 4-star foot, but are definitely worth value. Of course, there is no guarantee that Shaqiris s map improves, but if you have the money for the SBC and he inserted directly into your Ligue 1 team, then it could be worthwhile to give the challenges a chance. FIFA 22 xherdan Shaqiri SBC requirements The FIFA 22 Xherdan Shaqiri SBC has two challenges: Tactical Emulation and Ligue 1. Tactical emulation is the simpler of the two challenges and requires at least one player from Lyon, a minimum team classification of 81 and a minimum chemistry of 75. Completing this challenge rewards you with a Small Electrum Players package. Ligue 1 requires at least one Ligue 1 player, a minimum team score of 83 and a minimum team chemistry of 70. If you complete this challenge, you will receive a gold package. Overall, you should expect that you spend about 20,000 coins to complete the two SBCs required to unlock Shaqiri. Of course, the cost can be reduced if you use some players in your club or find some bargains on the transfer market. FIFA 22 Xherdan Shaqiri SBC solution As mentioned above, you must complete two SBC challenges to unlock Shaqiri. Below you will find the best solutions for tactical emulation and ligue 1. Tactical emulation SBC solution Here are the players who need them for the Tactrical Emulation SBC solution. The chemistry is a bit lower here, so we have prioritized league links and merry La Liga, Ligue 1 and Series A. Since the chemistry is lower, we have taken a few players from the position, like Berardi. You can use them to replace them through food from your club, if you can link them with the existing squad. GK: David Soria (Laliga, Getafe) Pound: Emerson Palmieri Dos Santos (Call 1, OL) CB: Marcelo (call 1, OL) CB: Dakonam Djené (La Leaga, Getafe) RB: Ruben Pena (La Leaga, Villarreal CF) RW : Domenico Berardi (Serie A, Sassuolo) CM: Maxence Caqueret (Ligue 1, OL) CM: Ivan Rakitic (La Leaga, Seville) CM: José Gómez Campaña (La Leaga, Rise) RM: Joaquín Sánchez Rodríguez (La Leaga, Real Betis) NS: Marko Arnautovic (Serie A, Bologna) Ligue 1 SBC solution Here are the players you need for the Ligue 1 SBC solution. Series A offers the most links here, as it can easily be linked to the compulsory Ligue 1 players, but you can cut this and change this based on the players available in your club. Since the required chemistry is only 70, we have added a few players outside the position such as belnti and fully to reduce costs. GK: Salvatore Sirigu (Serie A, Genoa) NS: Kevin Volland (Ligue 1, AS Monaco) CB: Simon Kjaer (Serie A, Milan) CB: Francesco ACERBI (Serie A, SS Lazio) NS: Andrea Belotti (Serie A, Turin) LM: Robin Gosens (Serie A, Atalanta) CDM: Marcelo Brozovic (Serie A, Inter) cm: Fabián Ruiz Peña (Serie A, Naples) RW: Domenico Berardi (Serie A, Sassuolo) NS: Duván Zapata (Serie A, Atalanta) NS: Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Serie A, Roma FC) So you have it, the Xherdan Shaqiri SBC solutions. It is likely that the transfer market costs will rise in the next few days, so you quickly get in as long as you can, or save your coins for a player that fits better to your squad. Other great FIFA 22 stories and guides: FIFA 22 TOTW - forecasts, players and more FIFA 22 Career Mode Potential - Players with possible 90+ reviews To defend in FIFA 22 - Improve your backline FIFA 22 Best jerseys - stylish offers for those who can see it Best FIFA 22 striker - Improve your impact The best central defenders of FIFA 22 - strengthen their defense Best FIFA 22 outer defenders - the best all-rounder Best FIFA 22 Wing Player - The Superstars you need to buy
  5. A behind-the-scenes consider The Witcher: Blood Origin has actually been displayed at Netflix s Tudum occasion. While a full trailer may be some way off, the peek at manufacturing is ample to trend us over until we figure out a lot more regarding the prequel. It s really elevated our expectations, too. This is mosting likely to be huge budget, and an expansion of the Continent beyond our wildest creative imaginations. Every little thing from tables reads to massive-scale collections were shown off in the behind-the-scenes clip, which you can see above. Do not expect Geralt to appear, nonetheless. It predates the journeys of Henry Cavill s abrupt beast seeker by over a thousand years. Netflix s synopsis, launched last year, checks out: Embed in an elven world 1200 years prior to the world of The Witcher, Blood Origin will narrate lost to time - the beginning of the really first Witcher, and also the occasions that lead to the essential combination of the balls, when the globes of monsters, males, and also elves combined to turn into one. Sophia Brown (Top Child) is established to lead the collection as Eile, an elite warrior-turned-nomadic musician who is required to return to the way of the blade after a grand numeration on the Continent sends her on a pursuit for revenge and also redemption. She ll be signed up with by Michelle Yeoh, as well as a huge cast of stars including British comic Lenny Henry and Sex Education actor Mirren Mack. Did you lose out on the centerpiece? Here s how to watch Netflix Tudum follower occasion. And if you re all caught up, after that look into the very best Netflix films as well as finest Netflix shows available to stream now. Plus, look into our overviews to every little thing you require to understand about The Witcher season 2, Complete stranger Things period 4, Ozark season 4, as well as The Umbrella Academy season 3.
  6. Epic Games, Inc. is an American computer game and also software programmer as well as publisher based in Cary, North Carolina. The business was started by Tim Sweeney as Potomac Computer System Equipments in 1991, originally situated in his parents house in Potomac, Maryland. Following his very first industrial video game launch, ZZT (1991 ), the business ended up being Epic MegaGames, Inc. in very early 1992 and brought on Mark Rein, who is the company s vice president to date. Moving their headquarters to Cary in 1999, the workshop s name was streamlined to Epic Games. Epic Games creates the Unreal Engine, a readily available video game engine which additionally powers their inside developed video games, such as Fortnite and also the Unreal, Gears of War and also Infinity Blade series. In 2014, Unreal Engine was named the most successful videogame engine by Guinness Globe Records.Epic Games has computer game developers Chair Amusement, Psyonix and also Mediatonic, in addition to cloud-based software application designer Cloudgine, and also operates eponymous sub-studios in Seattle, England, Berlin, Yokohama as well as Seoul. While Sweeney remains the controlling investor, Tencent obtained a 48.4% impressive risk, corresponding to 40% of complete Epic, in the company in 2012, as component of a contract focused on moving Epic towards a games as a service model. Complying with the launch of the preferred Fortnite Fight Royale in 2017, the firm got additional investments that enabled to increase its Unreal Engine offerings, develop esport occasions around Fortnite, and launch the Epic Games Store. Since April 2021, the business has a US$ 28.7 billion equity valuation. On August 13, 2020, Epic launched a variation of Fortnite that included a permanent discount rate on V-bucks across all systems, however, for those on iOS and also Android tools, just if they purchased directly with Epic, bypassing Apple and Google s store fronts. Both Apple and also Google promptly delisted the video game for breaching the store fronts regards to service by including their very own storefront, which led Epic to submit legal actions against both companies the exact same day, implicating them of antitrust habits in how they run their app stores. After a commercial reception for the least discreet on PS4 and SWITCH last July, Neo: The World Ends with You has an output date to try its luck on PC. It will be necessary to turn to the EPIC Games Store to pretend to visit this Shibuya full of style from September 28th. The game page is now online and confirms that the share-RPG will be available in one week only on the Epic Games shop at 59.99 euros, with two bonuses for those who pass precharge (the whole of legendary clothes and the survival set). The EPIC Games Store is a destination that Square Enix loves since it is here that the saga Kingdom Hearts is out on PC at the beginning of the year. And according to the rumor, it is also on the Epic Games Store that FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE will be available once the PC version will finally be announced. Trailer NEO: The World Ends with You - Launch Trailer
  7. If you are already left without space in your xbox series x | s , but you do not want to spend about $ 5 thousand pesos by acquiring an external SSD of 1TB, then we have you very good news. A new rumor is circulating over the Internet and points out that there will be a much more economical memory that could be available this year. As reported by the French portal Xbox Squad , have received a document in which the existence of an SSD card of 500GB for the X | S series is confirmed, which would be available on November 14. Apparently, this card would cost between € 149 and € 169 euros, that is, half of the current version of 1TB. Additionally, Windows Central Report that they have also heard about this alleged card, although at the moment, they have not been able to verify if that card really exists or not. At the time of writing, nor Microsoft NI Seagate have been pronounced in this regard, however, the idea of a more economical card for the X | s series has all the meaning of the world. VIA: Central Windows
  8. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has also met in the second game after his spectacular return to Manchester United, but not prevents a surprising defeat against the Young Boys Bern. The Portuguese scored at the 1: 2 (1: 0) against the Swiss master trained by David Wagner first the first goal of the new Champions League season (13th). Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleeu (66.) and Jordan Siebatchu (90. + 5) but made for the turn. Twelve years and 110 days after his last champion league use for United, Ronaldo in Wankdorf caught a start to a start when he used a dream pass of his compatriot Bruno Fernandes from a short distance to the lead. After the red card against Manchesters Aaron Wan-Bissaka (35th) the game tilted. Especially bitter: The Jesse Lingard substitute for Ronaldo initiated the hits for 1: 2 in the detention time with a stark bad fault. Weak consolation for Ronaldo: With its 177th use in the premier class, the 36-year-old introduced the record of Iker Casillas. With now 135 hits, Ronaldo, who went from the field in the 72nd minute, also expanded its position as a record scorer of the competition before Lionel Messi (120). Returner Ronaldo had already made twice the weekend in the Premier League-duel against Newcastle United (4: 1). A curious game experienced young international Karim Adeyemi with RB Salzburg at 1: 1 (1: 1) against the FC Seville. The 19-year-old brought out three penalties for the guests before the break - but he himself awarded as well (13.) like Luka Sucic (37.). Sucic turned at least the second penalty (21.). Never before had a player in a Champions League half-time had gotten three penalty. Articles and videos about the topic 177 CL inserts: CR7 moves the same with Iker Casilla Experience the Champions League live on Dazn. Get your free month! The ex-Schalke Ivan Rakitic (42.) even before the break - also by a penalty. Four penalties in the first half meant another record. Sevillas Youssef En-Nesyri still looked yellow-red after the pause (50th).
  9. North America is a continent in the North Hemisphere and also nearly completely within the Western Hemisphere. It can also be defined as the northern subcontinent of the Americas. It is surrounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeast by South America and also the Caribbean Sea, and to the west and southern by the Pacific Ocean. Because it is on the North American Tectonic Plate, Greenland is included as part of The United States and Canada geographically. North America covers an area of concerning 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles), regarding 16.5% of the Earth's acreage as well as about 4.8% of its complete surface area. North America is the third-largest continent by area, adhering to Asia and also Africa, and the fourth by populace after Asia, Africa, as well as Europe. In 2013, its population was estimated at virtually 579 million individuals in 23 independent states, or about 7.5% of the globe's population. The United States and Canada was gotten to by its initial human populaces during the last antarctic period, through crossing the Bering land bridge roughly 40,000 to 17,000 years back. The so-called Paleo-Indian period is taken to have lasted up until concerning 10,000 years back (the start of the Archaic or Meso-Indian period). The timeless phase covers roughly the 6th to 13th centuries. The pre-Columbian era finished in 1492, with the start of the transatlantic movements of European settlers during the Age of Exploration and also the early contemporary period. However, the very first taped European references to The United States and Canada (aside from Greenland) are around 1000 AD in Norse legends in which it is described as Vinland. Present-day social and ethnic patterns show communications between European colonists, aboriginal peoples, African servants, immigrants from Europe, Asia, and South Asia, and also the descendants of these teams. Owing to Europe's emigration of the Americas, most North Americans speak European languages such as English, Spanish or French, and also their societies typically show Western practices. However, partially of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America, there are aboriginal populaces continuing their cultural traditions and talking their own languages. Barcelona's dress rehearsal at the SC Seville last weekend had failed because several South American players would have returned very late from their national teams to their clubs. Thus, Barça since the 2-1 success in the League against Getafe at the end of August, when the German Nationalkeeper Ter Stegen had celebrated his comeback without playing practice. Coach Ronald Koeman nominated four new ones into his starting, for Emerson Royal (change to Tottenham), Lenglet (Bank), Griezmann (return to Atletico Madrid) as well as Braithwaite (Knie injury) played Piqué, Garcia, Pedri and for the first time Seville lovers de Jong. Bayern-coach Julian Nagelsmann had tested for Lewandowski (adductors) and Gnabry (back) after 4-1 in Leipzig - the latter sat on the bench and musical. In addition to Slee, the Hernandez in the internal defense, this was the second change. In the Camp Nou developed an intensive game in warm temperatures of 25 degrees, both teams make the counterpart difficult for the counterpart with early pressing. The householders who acted with a triple chain initially laid a concentrated appearance with the better approaches - Bayern found little access, which caught into an early yellow card for Kimmich (5th) and a semi-opportunity for Sergi Roberto (15th). After that, the previously quite faulty game of Munich to Safety, Sanés of Ter Stegen with a hand-parished linkshank meant the first real possibility of the game (19th). Barça, previously defensively very stable, wobbled one or the other time and revealed first gaps, which now became more targeted Nagelsmann-Elef occupied the rooms better. Musial could not use this yet, Piqué saved in highest distress (27th). Müller ensures the break guide With luck, Müller made a little better sooner: After faster combination, his 22-meter shot landed down from Garcia untenable for ter webs to lead in the network (34.). Barça was not missing on the will to respond to the residue. But the Bavarians did not allow this, the booklet kept firmly in his hand and went to the cabin with the scarce leadership. The dominance of the German record champion continued after the change, even though Busquets showed himself with a long-distance shot determined (50th). 2: 0 - Lewandowski gives Bayern's dominance expression Against the quicker Munich, the Catalans gave more and more into Bredoullie. Ter Stegen could still prevent the impact after Sanés Dribbling (52.), but soon after that was powerless, as Lewandowski dusted according to Musialas post bug (56.). Whether Barcelona gave himself early in his fate? In any case, Koeman brought for two Routinians - Sergi Roberto and Busquets had work - with Gavi and Demir a 17- and an 18-year-old (59th), later still the former Bavaria-Profi Coutinho and in Balde another 17-year-old. The Bayern controlled the game without great effort and did not do more than they had to, the opponent brought the Youngster somewhat fresh wind, but without being able to rather seriously scene against the clever Munich defenders - newly nuclear. Lewandowski remains light awake: double pack for 3: 0 In the final phase, Sabitzer was pleased to be pleased about his Champions League debut for Bayern - and Lewandowski over a double pack: again the Goalgetter was after a post-shot, this time by Gnabry, light awake and scored the 3-0 final score against Piqué. 85.). On September 29, the two clubs continue to be in the Champions League preliminary round. The FC Barcelona is guested at Benfica Lisbon (21 clock), at the same time Bavaria Dynamo Kiev welcomes. Previously, the league for the Munich against Bochum (Saturday, 15.30 clock), for Barça on Monday (21 clock) also home at home against Granada. Pictures for the game FC Barcelona - Bayern Munich
  10. A multiplayer computer game is a video game in which greater than one individual can play in the same video game atmosphere at the very same time, either locally (e.g. Brand-new Super Mario Bros. Wii) or online (e.g. Wow, Telephone Call Of Duty). Multiplayer games usually require players to share a single game system or use networking innovation to play with each other over a better range; players might compete against several human entrants, job cooperatively with a human partner to accomplish a typical goal, or manage other players' activity. As a result of multiplayer video games permitting players to interact with other individuals, they offer an element of social interaction lacking from single-player games. Update of 10 September 2021, 10:27 clock: Meanwhile, the YouTube channel Virtual Reality Oasis has created a virtual (and pretty enthusiastic) report on a tennis court, which introduces the new laser day-like mode in the game Space Pirate Trainer DX from I-Illusions. For this purpose, two quest 2 headsets were initially connected via smartphone hotspot via WiFi (the quest 1 is also compatible). After drawing the playing field of ten times ten meters and a short calibration, the players with their own legs run through the virtual labyrinth of ten times ten meters, shoot each other in short matches, shot bounce up with a shield or build new cards together (Unfortunately in just three store slots). Arena mode has been available in the Quest Store since yesterday's Thursday, September 9th - as an update for Space Pirate Trainer DX (more detailed price and modes details below, there are also single-player variants with drones). Original message from August 26 2021, 16:02 clock: Developer I-Illusions has been tinkering with the Oculus Quest for a long time, in which the participants walk around on a spacious real, ten times ten meters of playing field - almost like the real laser day! In the Oculus blog, it was announced that these novel multiplayer matches will not appear as a separate game, but as an update for the classic Space Pirate coach (to the test). The update will appear on Thursday, September 9 only for standalone, wireless oculus quest headsets (1 and 2) for the price of $ 24.99. Owner of the original get the update for free. So if you strike before, comes ultimately cheaper in the enjoyment of the overall package (currently 14.99 euros). A lot of space is needed for the hot expected mode Arena : Ten times ten meters are duty - e.g. in the sports hall or on a tennis court half. As Mixed.de reports, the mode can be started online as well as colobed - that is in the same room, while the headsets grasp each other with a new type of tracking. During the shooting change a warning system should help you not bounce up with the enemy. For the Match you can choose from five different designed locations - or you build your own arenas in the editor. Mixed.de explains: According to Ars Technica, the coloced multiplayer runs on the basis of a P2P network developed by Facebook specifically for Oculus Quest. The concrete tracking solution itself comes from the Belgian VR Studio I-Illusion. Sooo ... We're Going to Launch Arena Soon! Short Thread SPTDX (1/6) pic.twitter.com/sorfq766f8 Dirk van Welden (@quarkcannon) August 12, 2021 Incidentally, for persons with little space is another new multiplayer variant in the update: it is a modification of the classic game, whose principle is reminiscent of the Tetris multiplayer. Here you do not send the connected teammate no disturbing blocks over, but attacking droids. So you should only shoot the opponents of the matching color so that you are not attacked by even more sheet metal armies. The surviving player finally wins. Who wants, can also start this mode in the same real space as the teammate, so you can see each other in the virtual world. Last updated video: Teasertrailer

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