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  1. SEO should be a given. It's an effective way to know that you're doing things right if people are organically arriving at your doorstep. Another bit would be through paid ads–costly, needs a lot of personalization and optimization, but the pay off is good when done nicely. Social media marketing can be effective depending on what you're trying to market/advertise. As they say–there's practically a platform for every product nowadays. My favorite though is email marketing– which is always a good bet. I work with various email marketing agencies–and I know for a fact that email is not dead and is as effective as any other medium for marketing on the playing field right now :)
  2. you're probably in the wrong forum... lol
  3. It's not really a main interest per se, but I've recently been taking a look into the manufacturing industry of cars and dealerships. I always found it odd how these industries get so big considering that there is not an intensely high and consistent demand for cars. I ended up discovering that one of the biggest foundations of the car industry are parts replacements. The maintenance of cars are what keep them running all-year round! Travelling this rabbit hole, I ended up reading tons and tons of articles about forged wheels–being a heavy crypto fan, if my investments ever take off, I might just end up building a foundry or forgery because of how hot (heh) the industry is.
  4. Business was literally booming for me during quarantine and lockdown. As someone who is in the influencer marketing niche, we literally grew three-fold due to the influx of microinfluencers and small businesses in the market. If you want to build a brand better during a pandemic and post-covid, invest in influencers within your locality or just reach out to microinfluencers within your niche. Also, if you're new to the influencer niche, make sure to study how to make contracts for your business because you're going to need to draft out a lot. Make sure to get the terminologies right and to establish proper rapport with your associates. Hope this helps~
  5. I second this 100%. Dropshipping is a very monetizable venture right now that allows you to take advantage of the increasing digital traffic during this pandemic. People are always online! Funny enough, I also read a guide that got me started with dropshipping. Honestly, the internet is vast and filled with educational resources. My journey only started with one simple google query of "what is dropshipping?" and now I've learned pretty much every nook and cranny of the business. I recently took a liking to selling furniture because that has been my dad's trade for more than 20 years. Stuff like knoll dining chairs, wooden dining chairs and etc–it took me just a few weeks of researching to make my own. Of course I had to cross-search my competition and ended up taking inspiration from them (this was my main inspiration for my website–sleek design and minimalistic) Everyone should be studying this online stuff–it's amazing how our society has adapted to this modern age!
  6. Don't want to sound sexist or anything, but it highly depends on what gender you are! If you're male, travelling anywhere is most likely okay to do alone. Although, regardless of gender, if you're planning to go hiking or any other activity, I'd suggest informing at least three people. For females, Singapore and New Zealand are really safe and gorgeous places to visit whether alone or with a friend!
  7. I've heard of Pi! I've been using it recently, I still don't know what to make of it as of the moment because it's new

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