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  1. This pandemic has, more than ever, increased the valuation of "virtual real estate". We're in an era where everyone is practically glued to their phones, laptops, and desktops–so the smartest thing you could ever do right now is get a piece of that traffic. Build a website and build it good. Get the lurkers and lookers hooked to your service or product while the demand is still high. When the surge of online businesses appeared, I wanted to dig in with all the action. I started by reading guides (like this one) about what is dropshipping, because that felt like the most applicable business model–what with the surge of e-commerce stores popping left and right. Try to utilize all social media platforms, get the word out, and set your foot in the rising tides; this new era is a raging rapid, for sure!
  2. SEO is important because it's literally a form of marketing. It gives your brand "searchability". In more common terms, think of it this way. SEO is trying to position yourself to answer a question or offer a service that solves a problem. Sort of like in your day-to-day life, you'd ask questions like "best place to eat mexican food", "how to install a lightbulb", or "how to organise your desk". Sometimes you'd ask a friend, but most of the time you'd ask Google–that's SEO in a nutshell. When I was working with an e-commerce site, we tried our best to make sure our B2B SEO strategy was up to date and very relevant to how things were going in the digital space. We made sure that our clientele and general population of consumers could reach us organically, alongside an equal amount of outreach on our end. So yeah, if you want to ramp up with traffic, try and up your SEO game plan.
  3. I'm with @Oyes honestly, I just want to stop working and let money work for me. Maybe, somewhere down the road~
  4. I've been upgraded to contributor on the Pi network, still unsure where this is going, but hopeful nevertheless!
  5. This is basically affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You get paid a commission for being an "affiliate" when you refer a buyer to the store/shop/service. Website cookies play a big part in this. When a consumer buys something from X store within 24 hours of clicking your link, you get paid the moolah for your referral! :)
  6. If you can make content that focuses on hauls or buying stuff (prime example would be a channel called Unbox Therapy) then you'd make a killing out of affiliate marketing with YouTube!
  7. I have worked with 3 start-ups for an extended period, and worked on many more with short-projects/freelance gigs. The main difference I noticed from those that grow to those that haven't is pretty straightforward: they lack the vision to grow and to appeal to their target audience. When starting something, you have to have an ulterior goal in mind. For me, when I began exploring the idea of starting my own e-commerce store, I started out with reading guides and articles (something like this) to put me on the right track. It helped me better understand what type of website I was looking to build... which leads me to my next point. Invest in a good looking and fully-functional website. Do you know how many people are converted into consumers when they see a professionally built website? It adds to the valuation of your company's branding, legitimacy, and credibility. Even better: make an app for your business. Over two-thirds of the global population own a mobile device and approximately 90% of owners use apps on their phones. You can hit two birds with one stone by hiring a .NET developer. They'd create applications and configurations from scratch and integrate a website and app seamlessly. I'll link a content discussing .NET developers in detail here. There are a ton of other ways you can improve a start-up, like making a more organized system, using automation and etc–but this is all I'll list for now. Hope it helps :)
  8. If there was an easy answer to this question, then crypto would not require the hefty amount of knowledge it does right now lol. It's all about dissecting the ulterior goals of the currency and its market perception. Crypto would not boom as it did if the market didn't deem it viable.
  9. I've been running multiple e-commerce businesses for the past few years but nothing has fascinated me more than something called sales automation. As a former sales representative and a chat support specialist, I understand how hard it is to reach your customers and tell them how to reach you. Which is why email is one of my most favourite modes of communication. It's fast, simple, and easy to get by (as long as you have all the right parameters in place). The only struggle is boomers/non-tech savvy customers, but they only occupy a small amount of the population so the gains outweigh the losses. This is especially true when I'm trying to sell, what people would consider, oddly specific items. One of them was mid century furniture (looks like these products). In order to make sure I'm casting my net as wide as a I possibly could, I use sales automation to my advantage and create a very specific avatar (i.e. customer profile) and send out automated ad campaigns and email outreach to secure a narrow sales funnel. Works like a charm!
  10. wait. this is legit such a funny find lol. You learn something every single day!
  11. For students: WellsFargo For non students: Chase
  12. Axie is a mobile game that has been earning people a ton of money! You should check it out :D
  13. How legit do you think it'll be? I've been mining on it for more than a week now. It feels too easy... I have more than 50 Pi already just by mining. I don't even invite people. I'm scared that its actually a data stealing platform lol
  14. Depends on which country you're in. For example, in the U.S., you'd only need a few documents (as per the advise of a lawyer) and you're good to go.
  15. If you want to get thinner the healthy way, try eating tons of high-fiber food/meals to boost your digestion and get a little skinnier. Try replacing regular rice (if you're eating any) with brown rice. Papayas are also really sweet and rich in fiber! Perfect for a regular morning dump ;)
  16. Affiliate marketing is also misinterpreted as easy money. Spoiler alert: it ain't lol. You have to have a good platform that has a relatively large population of people with buyer's intent. If you're just pasting your links and spreading it in a willy-nilly manner, you won't net real value. If you know affiliate marketing, you'd already know that having 2-3 sales is basically nothing...
  17. Theres this new crypto network going around called Pi where you just download the app and mine... has anyone heard of this? Is it worth the time or is it just scammy to say the least? Thanks!

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