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  1. Sry to hear that. I used AP here, but didn't file a dispute, cause I was hoping that the admin would take care of things and at least refund what was left there as much as possible. Not that much profit could have been paid back to the members already, seeing it hardly made it past round 1. Obviously there are always the ones who HAR and just take off after the first round, but that would not account for everyone for sure. Kinda disappointing.
  2. Not for me, had some faith there, things would be fine for a while, I like the advertising options with this script. But now my AP account is a bit sad looking again :( was hoping for a better result.
  3. Now not to get too much into this, but I just want to point out, that the timestamp on LR is whatever time that is set as the timezone for the user. So if a user is in say Japan, this would be quite a few hours ahead of someone who is in California for instance. Just an example, the time difference for those two places is: 17 hours So what may be weekend for one person may not be for another. Just saying ;)
  4. Just popping in to say hi and that I was paid twice already and of course I sent some back as well as some re-upgrades from cashbalance too on the way! Thanks, all is running very smooth now!
  5. Seems the site is down, an attack or just some server probs? Actually the site just came up for me seems fine now....
  6. Signed up here today, thought might try my luck ;)
  7. HI Dennis, will be great to see you on board :) There will be a new version of CS and most likely a new name also. That is due to someone applying for a trademark for the name and since this guy has a few mill behind him in development, it will probably be easier in the long run to let him be alone out there, rather than fight it. Even though there is no conflict, this guy already tried to undermine CS with some pretty low tactics. The new version will be very simple, as there were quite a few members who had trouble getting used to a different way of doing things, as well as being overwhelmed by the many features. So instead of launching out with a full packed tool, it will be a slower process, so everyone has a chance to grow with it! A very neat and clean way to view and earn, and still within a small amount only to ensure the revenue is obtainable within a reasonable timeframe. There will be one other feature which is the banner rotator service... personally this one is a keeper, I love it! Makes advertising all sites a breeze! Just the one url to manage in forum siggies and on websites etc. Perfeeeectttt! Till then, stay tuned, it wont be too long!
  8. CloudShare is undergoing some maintenance/changes as per email sent out to the members. I will miss it whilst that is taking place, was great to surf here and make use of some of the many features, hope it wont take too long ;)
  9. MaxiVote There was an email sent out a little while ago about a new product which has been launched by CloudShare. It is called MaxiVote and is a tool for site owners to make voting on monitors a walk in the part for their members. CloudShare users are able to sign up as an affiliate and link their affiliate account to their CloudShare username and earn commission from each sale made to someone using their link to make an account with. You can see the website for MaxiVote Here and also sign up if you didn't already. Some proceeds from MaxiVote will go towards the revenueshare pool in CloudShare, so it is worth while getting the word out wink.gif Username: For those of you who didn't set your username in CloudShare yet, you can do so by going to your profile and then chose promote CloudShare, where you will see a field to enter a desired username. This will also give you a referral link to use to promote CloudShare as well as enable your upline to see your username in their downline list. (remember to press update page when you are done!) Website in the view engine: Remember to add credits/impressions to your websites once you have added them. You can do so under Advertising campaigns, where you will find a full list. You can add more websites under advertising, which is also where you make purchases which qualify for revenueshare. If you just want to add an additional site, just chose add site at the bottom. If you already have 3 sites, you must deactivate one before adding more. You can do so under advertising campaigns as well as doing a while lot of other things, such as set your sites for the rotator you can use in traffic exchanges, surfs etc. which will allow you to advertiser a wider range of sites as well as make it much easier for you to manage your sites as you can control them all via CloudShare.
  10. CloudShare is just about ready to launch a new product from which you can earn affiliate commission from successfully promoting. Both free and users with active purchases can earn from this venture, so stay tuned for more info!
  11. Each day a few new improvements or features added. Soon you will see a social branding with a possibility to connect with other users to widen your contact list and horizons if this takes your fancy. :cool:
  12. The new year is approaching fast and in CloudShare, well things are moving along nicely with new features and tricks being added. There is a banner and site rotator for instance :) you can find the links to use under your campaigns!
  13. Merry Christmas to you all, may all your wishes come true :)
  14. TopGold has been inaccessible for me since early November, not sure why, but its why I have not been posting here anyhow. CloudShare is open for business if anyone are interested :) Everything is running fairly smooth considering it is a brand new script with a lot of different things than those you might be used to in surfsites. You can't really compare to regular surfs anyhow, both business plan and terminologies are different. Some folks have had a few issues getting accustomed to how to find their way around in CloudShare, but I can tell you that once they found out, they have come back and reported it was quite simple, just different. A good advice is to simple forget what you have been used to and read the info both inside and take the tours too! If you have questions, please either use the feedback button inside CloudShare or send a ticket (you might actually get a reply from the knowledgebase there to help you along.) I will drop in as often as possible to check for Qs here and bring some updates! Have a great day!
  15. Sty I haven't been around.... Don, it will be a great program indeed. Many things are being added and more will come after launch too. It is taking so long for a few reasons. The main one is that a separate wallet was made to be able to deal with more processors without making the script heavier. Simple is beautiful :) The whole script is custom made and the server is also fully maintained by the team. It all takes some time to get up to the standard required and wanted. The thing is though, that you can rest assured that each detail has been given a whole lot of thought and effort, and you will see once it is all ready what I mean! A competition email was sent out and I urge you guys to take part of it. You can win yourself a free $5, but you will also familiarise yourself a little more with the current features of CloudShare. ... yeah current, cause there are more to come later. Launch is not far away at all now, I am getting all itchy myself I must admit. Will be great to see it in action.