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  1. Dear Community, We are thrilled to announce that Baby Doge Shiba Airdrop will officially launch on 20 July. Total of reward: $369,369,369 How To Get Your SHIBINU Airdrop? Just take it easy! You only complete all tasks And fill the form to join Airdrop 1. Follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabyShibalNUS 2. Follow Fanpage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BabyDogeShibaINUS 3. Follow Medium: https://medium.com/@babydogeshibainus 4. Subscribe to Channel Telegram: https://t.me/BabyDogeShibaINUSOfficial 5. Join Telegram Group: https://t.me/BabyDogeShibaINUSCommunity Please Complete The Following Tasks And Submit *We will check all the answers manually! If you unsubscribe until the end of Airdrop, you will not receive SHIBAINU. Get Airdrop Now! http://babydogeshiba.io/publicairdrop/ # #BabyDogeShibaINUS #Airdrop #SHIBAINU #BabyDogeShibaINUSAirdrop #SHIBAINUAirdrop
  2. 1. Overview Dogecoin is a new phenomenon. After the world’s top billionaires joined the support and merchants accepted Dogecoin as a payment method for goods, this coin erupted. Especially with the strong support of world leading billionaire Elon Musk, he first wanted to send Shiba Inu to the moon with his love. Baby Doge Coin Shiba is a new member of the Dogecoin Shiba Inu family. Baby Doge Coin Shiba is a crypto meme project that focuses 100% on the love of Shiba Inu, leading to the creation of the upcoming DogeCoin DeFi solution. Baby Dogecoin Shiba Inus focuses on social issues and supports Doge Shiba solutions and other cryptocurrency related meme projects. 2. Vision of Baby Doge Shiba INUS We believe in a future where any transaction is settled on the blockchain network. Baby Doge Shiba Inus is the new trending DeFi project that makes it easy to access for global users. Baby Doge Shiba Inu’s decentralized platform provides effective solutions for global meme crypto projects, promoting sustainable development for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain network system. Our research team will actively work to give positive solutions for development strategies on the DeFi platform that help contribute a new and utility platform to the community beyond the existing DeFi platforms. 3. Mission of Baby Doge Shiba INUS Baby Doge Shiba Inus is a decentralized meme finance platform built on Binance Smart Chain that designed for crypto exchange protocol (BEP-20). Baby Doge Shiba Inus’s team developed the community-driven project, empowered the Doge Shiba-loving community. We develop decentralized finance based on the provided platform. Many generous rewards for the community to participate and contribute to the sustainable development of the project. Our solutions provide the ultimate performance for participants. We are trying to build the best Decentralized Ecosystem (DECO) in the world. Our Ecosystem include Swap, Staking, Farming, NFT, and DEX that will give the best experience in Cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchanges. # #BabyDogeShibaINUS #SHIBAINU #Babydoge #Dogecoin #DogecoinShibaInu
  3. The ChainPad community has gone through its first period and is gradually becoming more developed. We always update and offer useful news and programs to serve the requirements of users. With the criterion that the customer is king, we are aware of users’need to own more ChainPad tokens. We are pleased to announce that The Second ChainPad Airdrop is back. You can get a reward of $10 CHAINPAD within a day just by doing these simple tasks: 1. Access website: https://chainpad.finance/ 2. Connect the wallet 3. Complete the tasks in the form 4. Click the button “Get Airdrop” Besides, the participants joined in ChainPad Airdrop Round 1 (Time June 6-June 30) can get the reward from this form too. Hold $CHAINPAD and experience more interesting things with ChainPad! # #ChainPad #Airdrop #ChainPadIDO #IDO #ChainPadBSC #ChainPadAirdrop
  4. Swap BABYDOGESHIBA, CAKE, BUNNY come together to create ShibaSwap, the next evolution in DeFi platforms. BabyDogeShiba Swap gives users the ability to DIG (provide liquidity), BURY (stake), and SWAP tokens to gain WOOF Returns through our sophisticated and innovative passive income reward system. Our platform also allows the BDSHIBA to access upcoming NFTs and additional tools, such as portfolio trackers, to make navigating the crypto world simple and intuitive. Staking The upcoming staking platform will help the community increase the number of BabyDogeShiba tokens that users hold. More importantly, every time you stake, you will participate in the charity donation process to rescue global Shiba Inus. Farm “Yield farming” is a reward scheme that’s taken hold in the DeFi crypto world. If you want to compare it to traditional investing, it’s like yield on a bond, or a dividend. Like a traditional dividend paying stock or bond, yield on DeFi tokens fluctuates depending on how these projects and exchanges roll them out. Anyone with a Coinbase account can easily discover which coins pay yield. Yield Farms allow users to earn BDSHIBA while supporting BabyShibaInus by staking LP Tokens. NFT Besides the official token of the ecosystem BDSHIBA, the BabyShibaInus project will also research and develop the NFT. NFT means “Non-fungible token”. It is a unique cryptocurrency that another NFT cannot replace. NFTs usually represent a digital asset or an asset tokenized from the real world. When you hold NFTs and coins, you first own two types of assets on the chain: the NFT and the coin which share the same properties of blockchain: decentralization and anonymity. Additionally, you can store NFT on a blockchain wallet, and retrieve and sell similar coins. However, with the degree of toxicity and being “irreplaceable”, an NFT is expected to increase in price. Over time, it will accumulate value with the expectation that the next transaction will be priced higher than the previous one. #BabyDogeShibaINUS #BDSHIBA #BinancesmartChain #Bep20
  5. Bitcoin Millennium is a new decentralized finance platform for the Binance Smart Chain community. We offer optimized solutions for every transaction in the cryptocurrency market. To start a more powerful Bitcoin Millennium, we are happy to hold a Give Away Airdrop Bitcoin Millennium for Global Community. The reward of 1 BTC for each participant Easy to Get Free Bitcoin Millennium Airdrop Just follow these simple steps, you can get reward in 24 hours: Step 1: Access link https://bitcoinmillennium.org/airdrop Step 2: Click Button “Claim Airdrop" Step 3: Complete tasks in form Step 4: Fill in your information * The system will check and automatically return the reward to your wallet within 24 hours Don't miss! Invite them to visit your website or social media. #Airdrop #BitcoinMillennium #BTC

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