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  1. Rich people invest in a lot of things at once, so you just can't follow them everywhere and repeat their investments because you don't have enough capital. They hedge their money - if Dogecoin fails, you can be sure some other asset of theirs will bring them profit
  2. I recently applied for Stader, but the application has already closed. I don't know what else to offer you. Search telegram communities, maybe you'll find something useful. But in any case you need to analyze the project.
  3. First of all, you should focus not on coinmarketcap, but on the social component in general. Involve resources and give your startup a wide publicity. Get the social networks and the media involved. When your startup becomes even a little bit known, its capitalization will increase, and if you manage to attract serious investments, the coinmarketcap will promote you itself.
  4. I think it's better to rent everything. You're new, you don't know how long you'll be doing it, and the equipment is quite expensive. That's why renting in this case is the best solution. But that's my opinion, you decide for yourself.
  5. I have not found anything interesting so far and I will continue to watch the blockchain platform sector. I think they will continue to be in demand among investors, and tokens from projects like Solana will be actively bought.
  6. When choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, you should find out if cryptocurrency wallets support the cryptocurrency you need. For example, the latest versions of cryptocurrency wallets focus on multicurrency, it is more cost-effective. Earlier versions saved only one type of coin.
  7. We are already in the same meta-universe and so we live, just shove it even deeper. Only purification of consciousness from sensual experience and conscious meditation can lead you to liberation from conditioned existence in the meta-universe
  8. Exactly I can say that NFT can be bought on Binance for BNB. But as far as I heard, on Binance it is already possible to buy NFT for fiat. But I am not sure about it
  9. Digital art in general, and blockchain-based art in particular, have certainly proliferated in the days of COVID. Museums are closed - how else to look at art? But I do not yet undertake to predict what will happen next. Time will tell.
  10. The main thing you need from an electronic wallet is to keep your data safe. When choosing the right way to store your data, think about how often you will use the wallet, where you plan to pay. I mean, everyone chooses for himself, here advice is redundant
  11. Yes, I was, used this exchange. By the way no complaints about the work did not arise. All transactions were carried out quickly and smoothly. But it's time to admit that we have seen a lot of exchangers, which initially worked well, and then some kind of disaster happened.
  12. Hasn't played yet, but I think it's worth a try.
  13. After the pandemic, I think the view of these things will change

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