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  1. I have been dating a girl for two months. We met online, we haven't seen each other for two months because she studies in another city and lives in Moscow, like me. That's why for now we are content with the internet. But at first things went very well with us, we quickly found a lot of similarities, just a lot. She answered quickly, even when she was busy she was able to answer. But then school started, and she suddenly became super busy. I remember myself when I was a student, because I graduated not so long ago, too, and I did not have such a big learning curve. But why doesn't she have a minute to spare just to respond to a message. I always go in and see that she goes online, but does not respond. the problem is that still remain all the nice words and nicknames, such as kitty, zay, etc. but they are so hard to get, because the time to communicate was very little. I somehow even at work I can answer everyone's messages, but she can't. We even call for 2 months 2 times, because she can not, then the condition is not that What to do? I feel attached, but I can not understand what lies behind her nice attitude to me? She also said that she wants us to go the distance, that she's attached too. But man, I keep thinking it's just a game. She also keeps saying she loves me, but what's wrong? I don't want to keep asking what she's so busy with that she can't answer.
  2. Caught your attention with such an unusual question, huh? For example, you're getting ready to perform in front of an audience, there's an excitement in your head that takes over your consciousness. That excitement doesn't turn into panic or anything, you can control it. So how do you like that feeling?
  3. What do you love most about excitement?
  4. 10 foods that helped me lose weight Milk, yogurt, and cheese These foods contain calcium, which helps burn fat Oats and barley Oatmeal for breakfast, barley side dish for dinner will not only help get rid of waist fat, but also keep you in good shape. Green tea Catechins, which are abundant in green tea, speed up your metabolism. Eggs Eggs are the most convenient source of protein, which is a must for anyone who cares about their figure. Walnuts and almonds Nuts are perfect for a healthy snack that will not only satisfy a light hunger between meals, but also saturate your body with essential healthy fats. Apples and pears What do these foods have in common? They contain flavonoids, natural chemicals that literally melt away the fat accumulated in your body.
  5. Guys, help. Who has experienced serious sleep problems? What can you advise for getting enough sleep and resting the body?

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