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  1. Demo trading is a very useful tools for beginners, and even for experienced traders who want to test a new strategy. It is a mistake not to take advantage of the opportunity of demo trading.
  2. I also think these timeframes are good for beginners. Shorter ones have their advantages too, those can still give you a good understanding about how a trade works.
  3. If you have to rely on luck, you are doing something wrong, in my opinion. Chalking up your gains and losses to luck means you haven't mastered risk management and proper planning. There are a lot of factors that you have control over.
  4. I have never tried gambling with cryptos. It seems to be a popular option, but I think it is more difficult to ensure that a company is well regulated than with regular gambling sites.
  5. Persistence is a necessary trait if you want to succeed in trading. Many beginners make costly mistakes and the desire to just give up can be strong. But if you take a step back and learn from your mistakes, you can use these negative experiences to make you a better trader.
  6. There is certainly a vast amount of information that is pertinent to trading. In my opinion it's best to get started with a free online course, those can guide you through the process and show you the information that is actually important and relevant.
  7. What do you think about the concept of the Internet of Things?
  8. I think the best way to make money by investing in crypto is building a portfolio that contains bigger coins for the most part, and buy some smaller ones with a smaller portion of your capital. That way you can manage risks and take advantage of price movements.
  9. Good sleep hygiene practices can make a big difference, such as going to bed and getting up at regular times, avoiding blue light (screens) before bed, and doing relaxing activities at the end of the day such as reading or light yoga. Some people need medication but you shouldn't just take something random - if you feel you need help, go to a doctor and follow their recommendations.
  10. I don't play many games, but one mobile game I like is Forge of Empires - that's the only one I have been sticking with for a long time.
  11. Social media presence is important, and it is best to be present on as many platform as possible. It is a free option that can garner a lot of engagement.
  12. In my opinion, no food can magically burn away fat - it's more important to pay attention to being in a slight caloric deficit. But the foods you listed are pretty healthy, I can't argue with that.
  13. Great post indeed! Online courses certainly gained popularity, it's a very nice and useful way of spending your extra time.
  14. Very interesting share! I didn't know this. It was a very lucky mistake on the part of that lady.

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