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  1. Many of the indexes hit record highs and ETFs were way up in March, as optimism about the economy is awakening. The stimulus money starts flowing, GDP reports look good, earnings start rising and stock prices rise. Simple math. Investors’ fears do not seem to be rational based on numbers, because business is reopening and the GDP expectations are positive. It is an emotional thing involving fear of post pandemic unknown, after a depressing year. So, should you be investing in the stock market this spring? We cannot answer that question for you, but we can show 5+1 stocks that could perform wel
  2. Like others have said, a link audit looks at the links found on your website and evaluates how good they are for your site. It is something that is worth doing from time to time, or along the way, to make sure everything is on point.
  3. AMP is an open-source HTML solution. It is a part of optimizing websites for mobile phone use and helps the sites load quicker on phones.
  4. I totally agree. Cliché, but I'm a fan of the saying "failing to plan is planning to fail". The only thing equally as bad as not planning is not sticking to your plan.
  5. Apart from things that make SEO ineffective, like the ones mentioned above, there are also things that are penalized by Google if discovered, such as cross-linking, creating link farms, or using competitors' names to direct results onto your own website.
  6. Yes, canonical tags are very very useful, since without using it, the algorhytm has no way of determining which copy of the content is the original one and copies may end up ranked higher.
  7. It is kind of a shortcut people like to use to rank higher on search engine results. Ideally, SEO reaches its goals by optimizing content with keywords and links that are relevant to the site's content. Google bombing, in contrast, is trying to make a site rank higher by filling it with all kinds of trending keywords that are not actually relevant.
  8. The word pagination comes from the practice of dividing books into pages and numbering those pages. In SEO, it is something very similar: it is dividing a website's content into different pages, different sections. This makes websites more clear, more easy to navigate, especially if there is a lot of content or many different content categories on a given website.
  9. It is a matrix related to SEO. It is basically a graph that provides information about links between different websites. It is one of the bases of determining the SEO rank of a site.
  10. These are such motivating stories! These people can be good inspiration to all who wish to make a business in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  11. This sounds like a really unique initiative. I haven't heard of something like this before - though I'm used to the crypto sphere surprising me with new things all the time.
  12. This is a good mindset, patience is indeed key. Learning to trade forex effectively takes time and effort and that is something we have to accept, there are no shortcuts.
  13. Interesting to see more and more crypto payment options around. This seems like a good thing for the blockchain ecosystem.
  14. Well, it depends on how you define "stable". The market itself has been around for quite a while and it is very liquid, that's true. At the same time, currencies can be volatile and risks are high, so that's something we should keep in mind.
  15. Good description. Additionally, there are several different ways to follow trends. You can choose the right method depending on your preferred time frame and the currency pair or asset you are looking at.
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