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  1. Trading securely is the best thing a Forex trader deserve from his broker. So, the major thing we the trader should check on our broker when selecting them for investing money is if they have trading license and regulations. Tpglobalfx trading broker is a well-known, licensed and secured brokers in the trade market and that is why I have been trading with them by the last three years comfortably and profitably.
  2. By gathering good trading knowledge from a secured platform, you can earn a lot of money. Because it is the major thing every trader should do in the beginning. Secondly choose the regulated broker who can ensure your funds security forever. Tpglobalfx is such an honorable broker in this industry and I do select them because they have their trading license and regulated broker who always ensure their clients funds security and give free courses.
  3. The traders who start trading in Forex market without any learning of Forex business, will find the market very difficult. Because learning is the key of Forex business and if you learn nothing before staring your business you will never succeed. Tpglobalfx is the global Forex broker that I have been chosen due to get numerous trading tools and features. In their trading platform I receive various effective learning programs.
  4. Forex trading allows huge earning opportunity for all types of people. To exchange the foreign currencies easily at the best price brokers are here. My broker is Tpglobalfx who helping me in all the ways to make good money and to do Forex business comfortably. They have various trading platforms, good trading leverage, low commission, active customer service, daily trading analysis, promotional offers, wide range of trading bonus etc. for their clients.
  5. Forex is a profession to earn money. Almost all traders come to the market to earn money and financially independent. The purpose of trading is to become rich with an approach that suits the trader’s personality. It is easy to learn to trade. However, few traders are making money where many are losing it. So, traders should learn the trading first before investing money. That’s why my broker Tpglobalfx are offer free educational courses to all traders.
  6. Forex is a currencies trading market. Retail traders trade in the forex market to make money on changes in currency values over time. For most people, the purpose of online Forex trading is to make money, but forex is not a money-making machine. Traders need proper knowledge to make a consistent profit. That’s why my broker Tpglobalfx offers free educational courses that are available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.
  7. There are a lot of trading indicators in the market. Moving averages are one of the most popular and easy-to-use indicators for performing technical analysis. I recommend new traders should start with the moving average indicator. It is easy to learn, unlike other indicators. Most brokers like Tpglobalfx provide it to their trading platform.
  8. The main purpose of Forex Scalper is to grab very few pips as many times as possible during the busiest hours of the day. It is one of the most popular trading strategies in the market. Traders try to earn a lot of small profits from huge numbers of trades throughout the day. However, the trader needs low spreads to that. That’s why my scalping friendly broker Tpglobalfx offers the lowest spreads in the market.
  9. Forex is an uncertain and risky market. It does not have a definite win, and sometimes it is difficult to avoid making the wrong decision. Traders need to prepare for any kind of uncertainty which may cost less. Therefore, stop loss is very important for all traders. It protects traders from huge losses. However, the trader often encounters slippage during SL execution. But in my case, I never face such a problem with Tpglobalfx.
  10. If you are searching a broker with high leverage, low spreads and all time customer support than you can choose Tpglobalfx. To open a account in there you don't need any verification. They provide you low spreads starts from 0.01 pips. They also provide high leverage up to 1:500. If you want to learn about forex you can try their demo account. It will help you to know all about forex. I am currently trading with them. Their customer service and trading policy is very attractive and pleasant.
  11. Leverage is the use of borrowed funds to increase a trader's trading position beyond what would be available from their cash balance alone. Brokerage accounts allow the use of leverage through margin trading, where the broker provides the borrowed funds. The traders sometimes use leverage to profit from relatively small price changes in currency pairs. The more leverage a broker give, the more the broker is being chosen. I am also a trader of Tpglobalfx. I am getting leverage from my broker is up to 1:500. It helps me to increase my profit.
  12. The traders who are going to start trading in forex market need to follow some strategy. If any new traders or beginners want to enter into forex he should know the basics of the forex trading. Without the basic knowledge he can not trade in the forex market. A trader can open a demo account to learn all the basics of forex trading. It will help him to know how to trade, where to trade, when to trade. It has no risk. There is no need to invest capital in demo account. I also opened a demo account in Tpglobalfx. I learned all the basics of the forex trading from that demo account practically. It is a demo version of live account. So everything in there is just like a live account. So a beginner can easily learn the basics of forex from a demo account.
  13. Live account and demo account both are the same operating system. But in demo account there is no need to invest any capital. This is for learning the forex before investing in the market. On the other hand live account needs investment and it is like a real account where profit and loss are genuine. Demo account is just for the beginner. When a trader become professional he can operate a live account. Demo account is a risk free account. On the other hand live account is full of risk. When I was a newbie I opened a demo account in Tpglobalfx to learn the basics of forex. After getting all the knowledge I moved to their live account. Now with the help of them I make profit consistently.
  14. Choosing a broker in a forex market is a difficult job. because there are so many scam and fake brokers available in the forex market. As a trader, I am trading with Tpglobalfx. They are very reliable and trustable broker. They provide low spreads starts from 0.01 pips. They are giving high leverage up to 1:500. They have expert advise, easy withdraw, trading policies, 24X5 customer service and many more facilities. With the help of them I can make profit consistently.
  15. Traders need confidence in trading. Try to build your confidence in demo trading. It is the best way to build without losing money. Many traders neglect the importance of demo practice. It is the best way o learn to trade in the forex market. Brokers also offer it for free. To build up my confidence I spend my time in Tpglobalfx educational materials.
  16. Learning is a never-ending process in trading. So, traders need to learn to trade continuously and improve their skills. For improving trading, I always practice in demo account beside real trading. I always try to find a new approach to trading. Learn from my mistake. I can agree that I improve most of my trading skill from my broker Tpglobalfx free educational courses.
  17. Forex trading has the potential to become rich. There are many to earn money from trading. But none can become rich overnight. There are also no shortcuts but learning trading. So, gain knowledge and practice in the demo account first. The demo account is free and can trade with virtual money. It is best for learning trading. But I learned trading from my broker Tpglobalfx educational resources.
  18. We all agree that success in forex trading takes time. No one ever can get rich in the forex market overnight. Traders need patience and discipline in order to become successful. As for me, I started with a demo account in Tpglobalfx and practice trading in a demo account for almost 6 months. I never make consist of profit in the forex market in my first years of trading. In time I eventually achieve my target. So, never lose patience.
  19. Traders don’t need high capital to start trading in the forex market. In my opinion, it is the best advantage of forex trading. With only $100 or $200, you can trade in the forex market which most of the broker allow. But in Tpglobalfx, I started trading with only $50. The broker also offers leverage so that you can make a high profit with low capital using leverage.
  20. We all know that, risk is a common factor in forex trading. From beginner to professional every trader has to face the losses. Those who can not cope up with loss are not suitable for the forex market. A trader should know all the tools and techniques to recover his losses. It s quite impossible not to having loss in forex trading. Loss is a must element in forex. But you can minimize the loss and by your trading technic you can convert it into profit. For that you need to have proper knowledge about forex. You can open a demo account to measure your knowledge and it will help you to find out all the problems of yours and give suggestions. I am trading with Tpglobalfx. They always help me to minimize the loss and also help me to recover my losses and make profits easily.
  21. Risk is a common issue in forex market. There is no trader who can trade without any risk. We can not remove risks but we can minimize the risk by studying more and more about forex market. We can also select a good broker to get the guideline of minimizing the risks. I always trade with TP Global FX, a regulated broker. They help me to minimize the risk and help to make profit. They are like a complete guideline for me in this risky market.
  22. As a newbie, before trading in the forex market a trader must study on forex market very seriously. He should research all the broker before trading under a broker. After full inspection I decided to choose TP Global FX to trade in the market. Because they helped me to understand all the information about market and they helped me to reduce the risk and ensure profit.
  23. Forex is a very risky market in my opinion. You may lose a lot of money within a couple of secs if you don’t know what you are doing. Always trade with extreme caution. Don’t invest all your saving at once. Start trading with small capital. I also started trading with only $50 in Tpglobalfx. Most of the brokers in the market allow a minimum $100 or $200 deposit.
  24. Backtesting is the way to test your trading strategy according to historical data. All traders should backtest their newly made strategy before applying it in real trading. Adjust your trading strategy until you get your desired result from the backtest. My broker Tpglobalfx offer MT4 and MT5 most popular trading platform where you can easily backtest your trading strategy.
  25. Traders should not trade under any mental pressure. Always try to trade with your clear and calm mind. It is best to make a perfect trading decision. I always medicate before trading. It helps me to make a sound decision. My broker Tpglobalfx also gives some other good tips to relieve stress in forex trading. I try my best to follow those.

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