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  1. Who lives in Canada at which weed dispensary do you buy marijuana? I've looked at a lot of different ones and read a lot of reviews and I like this online weed dispensary in Canada - https://www.westcoastsupply.net/. Where do you order? It will be interesting to know your preferences. There is a lot of information about the fact that marijuana helps with coronavirus and I think that this is true, because marijuana has medicinal properties.
  2. Has anyone seen the cars of the Imperium Motor Company (https://www.imperiummotorcompany.com/)?. Looks like some decent options. The EV sector has been so insane lately that it seems like these guys have the potential to move some vehicles if they catch on with consumers. Granted most places in the US won't need some of their low and mid speed vehicles, but islands, central america and south american markets may eat those up. As best I can tell the manufacturer isn't publicly traded. They seem like they have the potential to be disruptive and have already taken delivery of several m
  3. My hobby is golf. I recently bought a new golf cart with GPS, with a golf tag that allows you to monitor the pace of the game, protect sensitive areas, gives a lot of real-time reports and many other useful things, a very cool thing. Here's my advice, if you like golf and you decide to buy a golf cart, order from these guys - https://vantage-tag.com/, they do very cool things!
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