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  1. Hello, Duecoin is a coin that is fully decentralized with secured digital currency. It is controlled by cryptography. Unlike our traditional currencies, Duecoin is neither issued by the central bank nor is its value dependent on the policies of banks. Another distinctive feature of the Duecoin with traditional currency is that it is purely based on supply and demand. The Duecoin exchange in few weeks’ time will be coming https://creditcardsupportx.com/target-red-credit-card https://creditcardsupportx.com/baby-r-us-credit-card https://creditcardsupportx.com/lord-and-taylor-credit-card into the market offering great benefits. Though the presale of its token is completed, you can still have the opportunity of joining this winning team by mining or transacting within the Duecoin marketplace. Duecoin has gone through various changes such as • Analyzing other cryptocurrencies strengths • Identifying profitability • Selecting the finest technology • Setting up an application • Assessing and addressing the challenges within other cryptocurrencies • The creation of the Duecoin Why Duecoin? There are many reasons why many are considering Duecoin over other coins. Some of these reasons include: • Security: Duecoins take advantage of the 256hash security. Throughout the world, the 256hash security is one of the most secured hashes you will find anywhere. • Nominal Fees: There is nothing like intermediary when using Duecoin. It enables one to transact for a fraction of the cost, which would have been incurred if using our fiat currency. • Anonymity: Your details or personal profile is secured when transacting in Duecoin. • Appreciating Value: With Duecoin, you can yield potential commissions while holding massive opportunity. thanks jackyjoy
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  4. Hello, A struggling euro hit a session low against the U.S. dollar and record lows against the Australian and Canadian dollars on Friday after Spain's Valencia region said it will seek central government help to repay its debts. The news intensified concerns that Spain, the euro zone's fourth largest economy, may not be able to avoid a full-blown international bailout, with 10-year yields trading above the 7 percent level that is seen as unsustainable. A statement saying euro zone finance ministers formally approved Spain's bank bailout failed to offset the gloom. The euro fell around 0.7 percent against the dollar to $1.2187, just above a two-year low of $1.2162 hit last week. "(Valencia) was clearly the catalyst. I'm slightly surprised the market has reacted as violently as it has, but I think that's a reflection of broader negative sentiment and stops being taken out once the move got going," said Adam Cole, global head of FX strategy at RBC Capital Markets. Earlier in the session the euro dipped on a German newspaper report that quoted a member of a party in the coalition government as saying euro zone countries should comply with agreed reforms or leave the bloc, traders said. The comments repeated the position taken earlier this year by the same lawmaker, Gerda Hasselfeldt, of the Bavarian Christian Social Union. https://creditcardsupportx.com https://creditcardsupportx.com/target-red-credit-card https://creditcardsupportx.com/baby-r-us-credit-card The single currency hit record lows against the higher-yielding Australian dollar at A$1.1727 and the Canadian dollar at C$1.2305. Besides concerns about the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis, the euro has taken a hit since the European Central Bank lowered its deposit rate, which acts as the floor for euro zone money market rates, to zero earlier this month. Two-year bond yields have dipped into negative territory in core triple-A rated Germany and the Netherlands. The negative interest rates could prompt investors who are bearish on the euro's outlook to shift money elsewhere to secure some return on capital, market players said. "If you believe we have a long period of highly accommodative policy in Europe you might as well go on a search for yield elsewhere," said Simon Derrick, head of currency research at Bank of New York Mellon. thanks jackyjoy
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