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  1. As long as you don't become an addict, it's a good side hustle 😉 I know people who are not in a good place due to their gaming addiction... But it depends on everyone. There are several factors to this such as discipline, budget, motivation, knowledge and so on. You don't just dive into a game like this without not knowing anything about casinos or cryptos. First, I played this game at the casino so there was no cryptocurrency involved. As soon as everything moved into the world of online and digital coins, I started gathering information about it, about how online blackjeck works, I've studie
  2. Seeing this old post brings back memories... Corona is 1 year old, I still can't believe that. It started off as a joke, I remember, I was talking with my friends about them crazy Chinese people who ate bat soup and look at us now, who would've thought? When things got serious I got pretty scared... I started to avoid public places, buying every cleaning product I could find on websites like https://www.mustangcleaningsupplies.com/ , masks and so much more... It was horrible. I'd never thought I'd get to live through a pandemic, it's incredible how life can be fine 1 second and then the ne
  3. This feature is awesome! I've installed it not a long time ago. If I only knew about it earlier!! I had to find for a friend a resume writing service and I've literally looked everywhere and didn't find what he truly needed. Then an ad on Facebook showed me linkedin resume writing service https://skillhub.com/linkedin-resume and I was like what? you're listening to my conversations, lol? I mean yeah they do we already know that but anyway it still amazes me every time. Moving on, due to this feature I found my friend what he needed. A cheap, professional resume writing service perfect for a s
  4. In my opinion, this might be the only chance for an addict. I am aware it's hard and a big step for someone to go to rehab, but it's the best thing for them. The cool thing is that there is a variety of rehabilitation therapy types, so more chances for them to heal. My uncle struggled with addiction... It was devastating watching him go from an energetic, lovely person to a depressed person unwilling to live anymore. Luckily, he has people to care for him, so me and my family did a deep research on fherehab.com. Needless to say, it was the best decision for my uncle... He's 2 years sober now 🙂
  5. Basically, you have to open the ODT (see instructions on the internet) and just select the format you want to convert the file to. I don't think there's a best way to this necessarily. While the other way around is what I've been struggling with and I just found what I've been looking for, for like the past year since I've been in this new position at my job. I have found a site where you can convert pdf to ocr online and it's so so easy, it changed my work life for the better. I have no idea how I haven't found it sooner, but better late than never. It's just a tip for anyone out there.
  6. Hmm, I'd say it becomes easier in time, I know it's frustrating in the beginning 🙂 But I admit, you'll save much time and stress this way. I do too get help from professionals. It's a really good business idea and great that you have time to do this I've looked up business ideas for college students and this never crossed my mind. I thought about anything else but this. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience to do it for myself let alone for somebody else lol. Great for you anyway, you're smart 😄
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