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  1. I'd like to imagine a time where every company owner understands that they should implement anti-fraud systems, so scammers would hold no power over the market. My personal opinion is that everyone would implement a trust chain and actually help with its constant development we could collectively pretty much stop fraud, or at least slow it down considerably. I've personally implemented https://covery.ai/products/trustchain into my company and it was one of the best business decisions that I've made I think from the start of my journey on the market. I dream with open eyes for that day to come.
  2. Honestly, everything is a loan, and as a loan, everything comes with problems. It just happened to me a few years ago that I let a loan become delinquent when I had a couple of rough income months. I got contacted by Credence Resource Management collectors which collect delinquent loans and they kept harassing me on an almost daily basis. I contacted a friend and he immediately sent me to a great law firm to build a case. I was lucky that I had enough info for a case. I also found out that there are a lot more people affected by this that don't speak up. I encourage everyone to not let themsel
  3. It's like any other business, you need to promote it in any way you can imagine in order to have any success these days. At the beginning of youtube, it was much easier while now you pretty much need either a great marketing campaign or pure sheer luck. I remember the old days of youtube when all the big YouTubers knew each other and it was full of collaborations that everyone would be crazy over. How I wish we could go back. One funny fact is that I used to download all the videos by converting them https://ymp4.download and I think I have somewhere in my external HDD videos from these big Yo
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