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  1. Have you ever won the jackpot? If so, which game?
  2. Where can I buy quality vitamins for my eyesight?
  3. Which brand would you prefer when buying a new gadget?
  4. I have a birthday coming up and wanted to do an event. I need to make invitations or flyers . Does anyone know a good designer?
  5. Well you need medication for headaches and nausea anyway. A Band-Aid and something else. You can basically read on the internet what is relevant now.
  6. Thank you for your reply! All the best to you and your pet!
  7. I have a dog, a very good one. A retriever, but I'm worried she'll get lost and I won't find her again. I've heard it's possible to implant a chip in a dog to know its whereabouts. But I think that's too much.
  8. If you're talking about online casinos, I can tell you. I used to play live with friends. We would meet at a friend's house and play poker, roulette or blackjack. But now we all just don't have time to get together, we live far away from each other. I like to gamble in the evening. I found a ranking of online casinos in Ireland by chance. Here is the website https://irishonlinecasino.net/ . The casinos I selected from this ranking I was pleasantly surprised. I won $ 3000 in one of them.
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