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  1. Yeah this is a very useful tool if you are promoting not a single item but a group of them and they have similar characteristics. I have used these tactics before but I usually have a one specific item that I need to promote so I usually focus on that. I have been using google adds as a marketing tool for a while. I myself have little idea how they work but a few years back when I was still a junior in college I got an internship in an online marketing agency (you guys can check them out here: https://aiad.com.au/google-adwords-brisbane/ ) and I immersed myself in the world of online mar
  2. huh thanks for the information. I have been using medical marijuana myself even though I am more of a kratom girl then CBD. I have tried both because I have crippling social anxiety and going to the doctors is not something I am very comfortable with. Plus I really don't want to be the nut case in the psych ward. I do go to therapy though and I have tried the usual anti-anxiety medication but they all just kind of made me feel bad so I stopped. I talked with some of my online friends and also some people from my group therapy sessions (me therapist insists on those twice a week) and many
  3. Interesting. I am not really a proficient in blackjack but I will definitely give it a go. I personally do not really card games but they have been on the rise and it is interesting for me. I mean I have a lot more free time because of the pandemic. I am no stranger to online casinos but I usually prefer slot machines. I like them more because they are kind of less predictable and you can't really cheat with slots. I recently found a new online casino room and I have been sort of hooked on it. It's a smaller casino called joker388 that mostly specialize on slots (one of the reason I started pl
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