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  1. Having real estate is always good, especially if it has value. It is not hard to understand if the property has value. You just need to know about the four basic elements of value are scarcity, transferability, utility and demand that means that someone is interested in real estate. If the property has all four elements this means that it has great value and it is worth investing in it. For example, the Lumina houses are a pretty valuable investment. These houses are always situated near forests and outside the cities, so it is very quiet and has fresh air. ___________________ http
  2. Yes, I like to play in the casino, I am now looking for some slots. It's quite interesting
  3. In our time, food in stores is no longer particularly useful:) Especially now people often eat fast food or just eat unhealthily. But there are of course shops that sell good and healthy food, but it is expensive. Since I'm not particularly rich, haha, I can't afford expensive food, but I try to add healthy food supplements and vitamins for my diet https://www.nhc.com/brand/unda . This is how I take care of my body. I think this is a good alternative to such food. The main thing is not to eat a lot of fast food and consult a doctor if something bothers you.
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