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  1. I heard from a friend and I was interested.
  2. You can write your own websites for yourself or for someone else. I think this is a good way to make money. It's not as difficult as everyone thinks. You will need a host and domain name, and to protect your site, it would be nice to get an ssl comodo certificate. You can get it here wildcard ssl, and you're all set. Good luck with that
  3. On my part, I don't like going alone. It's my principle to always have someone with me, maybe all that will change when I get married in the future.
  4. Hi, I'm not a super computer geek and need a bit of help. I was suggested to use for for trading a VPN but was also told it's not a bad idea for extra protection when doing other things in general online. So any of you have been using VPN for trading and witch one would you recommend that is reliable, that doesn't log your info and that doesn't drop your internet speed to much? Besides that I'm not to sure what to look for when choosing one. What about a VPS ? What is the difference with a VPN? Thanks.
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