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  1. An enterprise needs to search for an Ethereum Token Development Company that should Have professional expertise Prompt responsive nature Technical Support Market Expertise. With the diversified nature of the market, we are the company that can provide you Token Wallet development services all across the internet irrespective of the platform, i.e., on Android or on IOS platforms.
  2. We are experts in crafting a unique and effective Cryptocurrency exchange marketing strategy for your enterprise. Our core services are sharing informative blogs and articles, sharing press releases with the leading media outlets, Telegram marketing, video promotion, social media promotion, email marketing, influencer marketing, community management, organizing bounty campaigns, and PPC marketing. The procedure we incorporate is forming a list of deliverables as per your business requirements, analyzing the performance reports regularly by collecting data from various sources, improvising the strategy to achieve better results, and implementing different techniques to attract the target audience in the industry. We have established tie-ups with the top websites like Cointelegraph, TechCrunch, CNET, Engadget, and Yahoo Finance. Our competent team includes content writers, SEO analysis, market strategists, social media managers, and designers. Choose our services wholeheartedly as we utilize tried and proven strategies, ensure timely delivery of the project, and have dedicated personnel who are specialized in different areas of expertise.
  3. Create a next-generation marketplace for crypto trading by comprehending how a Hybrid Crypto exchange works. They combine the best aspects of both centralized and decentralized solutions. The operational structure of a Hybrid Crypto exchange is there will be a module present for listing all the orders and verifying them, auto-tracking will be enabled whenever there is a trade being initiated by the user, the payments will be monitored by the backend through an intermediate API layer, and the trade will conclude when the seller has received the payment from the buyer, and the users are allowed to move their assets to secure cold storage facilities. Hybrid crypto exchanges support the trading of different currency and cryptocurrency pairs, REPOS, swaps, futures, derivatives, index futures, and options. The plethora of advantages to reap are anonymous transactions, access to a larger group of investors like private investors and institutional clients, maintenance of a higher level of transparency, utilization of a scalable architecture, better privacy and security.
  4. Smart Contract Auditing Services offers smart contract validation through smart contracts audit services to various industries like Fintech, Security and Real estate. Smart contracts for ICOs ensure that the functionalities such as the soft cap and the hard cap and so on remain unaffected after token-sale. Through DeFi smart contracts auditing services, your smart contract remains free from errors to prevent any security breaches and hacks through intensive auditing. Security Token also requires smart contract auditing services due to the compliance requirements that are embedded in the regulations for different jurisdictions. All the decentralized applications threats are removed through security audit solutions. Being a secured smart contract, an end to end security audit solution can be provided. One should look for a company which can provide a solution to analyse and identify the flaw in a smart contract. Its platform should be able to automate the audit process and detect the following points: Security of the code Code and documents correspondence Optimization of the code
  5. Our turnkey White label crypto exchange platform is equipped with trending features like access to full transaction history for the user anytime, multi-currency deposits and withdrawals by QR code and email, availability of multiple trading pairs, provision of real-time notifications, two-factor authentication, 256SHA encryption, availability of hot and cold multisignature wallets, and firewall implementation. The benefits include the creation of more trust among investors, transparent pricing, extreme scalability, rapid deployment, high performance, complete customization, and supreme security measures. The additional aspects we offer are an unlimited supply of ERC-20 tokens, integration with numerous payment gateways, a launchpad for IEO, email interfacing, merchant plugin facility, margin trading option, and direct P2P transfers between users.
  6. Keep your target audience effectively engaged by teaming up with a well-known Cryptocurrency exchange marketing agency. Our solutions include formulating an extensive content strategy, SEO integration, social media management, Telegram marketing, community management, and PPC marketing through specific ads.
  7. Ethereum smart contract development is based on the proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism. There are no third-party intermediaries ensuring low transaction costs for the users. It can be used in different sectors such as supply chain management, healthcare, insurance, international trade, and remittances.
  8. Our ERC 20 development can be used seamlessly on web, Android, and iOS platforms. The process we follow is a project discussion with the client, idea evaluation, initiating platform development, token creation, token distribution, whitepaper preparation, and ICO marketing across a variety of communication channels.
  9. The Cryptocurrency exchange legal solutions assist the businesses, investors, and customers of the Crypto and blockchain industries by offering all forms of legal services. A quality service is assured by expert lawyers who are directly associated with Cryptocurrency platforms. The services are not constrained to any region rather it can be availed globally.
  10. ERC777 token development is considered a newbie in the town with huge potential. It is said that it overcomes the drawbacks of ERC20. The token transaction has an amount of data bit field and an operator data field.
  11. Marketing your exchange is an important part of a company's growth. It helps to segment the market, target your customers, engage with them, communicate with them through positioning and maintain a relationship for a long period . You will need some amazing cryptocurrency exchange marketing strategy to explore the global market platform of customers.

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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