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  1. You should find out some information about vehicle shipping companies which are able to transport it.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I guess that info might be useful for somebody
  3. Yeah.. but not much. I would like to check its features first. I've already set up bitcoin wallet and figured out how to use https://bitmix.biz to keep me anonymous during btc paying ( I really don't want to be tracked later). I hope it will bring me some profit after all.
  4. Your thoughts about bitcoin? Is it possible to guarantee its safety?
  5. I didn't even know about the announcement of PayPal to support cryptocurrencies before reading this thread, so thank you for information. I don't how useful will be using cryto through paypal because I usually use Mask's service to send/accept money ( $ mostly) but not bitcoin or other crypto. I've been interested in another thing: I've been using https://bitcoinofficial.org/ since January and I keep all my btc in that wallet and I am interested how can I convert $ to btc with futher transfer to mentioned btc wallet? If someone also uses it, I would be glad to get an advice.
  6. I prefer travelling alone in Europe - Austria, France, Hungary
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