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  1. ON-Page SEO 1. Start title tags with your target keyword: 2. Drop Keyword in first 100 words: 3. Use Outbound Links: 4. Write click-worthy meta descriptions for each page: 5. Put your target keyword in the URL: Off-page SEO 1. Build high-quality backlinks only: 2. Guesto graphics method 3. Blog commenting: 4. Be active on social media 5. Promote your new blog
  2. Hello, Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called "search queries”. There are four main types of keywords: commercial, transactional, informational, and navigational.
  3. Hello, • Check the Strength of the Competition • Look at the Website Authority • Make Sure Your Website Aligns With Search Intent • Estimate the Number of Backlinks You’ll Need and Then Build Them • Add Internal Links to Your Page
  4. Hello, Schema markup is a code (semantic vocabulary) that can be added to your website’s HTML, making it easier for search engines to understand your webpage. This will, in turn, help search engines to show more relevant and informative results to users on a SERP when they key-in a query.
  5. An algorithm update means Google has made a significant tweak to the way they determine search engine result rankings. Admittedly, these can be quite small. But for the world’s biggest search engine, small changes can make a big difference to people who rely on their search engine results pages (SERPs) to generate leads. Sometimes Google announces them in advance, sometimes they announce it on the day (generally via Twitter), and sometimes they keep it to themselves.
  6. The term we use to describe the primary words that describe the product or service you provide. For any keyword research, seed keywords lay the ground for starting. They are simple words that define your niche or identify competitors. For instance, if you want to promote your events planning service, words like “events planning,” or “birthday party,” are seed keywords that come to mind.
  7. Think like a customer Study the competition Understand the long tail keyword Use keyword research tools Analyze the results Keyword Competition Keyword Search Volume
  8. 1. Make the most of review sites. 2. Add links to existing e-mails. 3. Promote your profiles on review sites offline. 4. Increase social engagement with your customers. 5. Extend special offers. 6. Use review request solutions. 7. Offer giveaways. 8. Use social mentions to get more reviews.
  9. Hello, Grammarly & WhiteSmoke Best Grammar Checker for Translations
  10. While Google are generally able to crawl and index most JavaScript content, they recommend server-side rendering, pre-rendering or dynamic rendering rather than relying on client-side JavaScript as its 'difficult to process JavaScript and not all search engine crawlers are able to process it successfully or immediately'.
  11. Hello, 1. Forgetting that faster is better 2. Trying to rank for the wrong keywords 3. Failing to invite people to visit your site 4. Neglecting to write awesome content 5. No call to action for your visitors 6. Not thinking ahead: The future is mobile
  12. Hello, The disavow file lets you invalidate links on your domain. After the successful verification of your domain in the Google Search Console, you will be able to upload a disavow file. Google analyzes the content of the file and will then no longer draw on those links listed within the file in ranking the domain.
  13. SIX successful steps for SEO Step 1: Make a List of Keywords, Step 2: Build Keyword-Focused Pages, Step 3: Set Up a Blog, Step 4: Create a Link-Building Plan, Step 5: Stay Current on SEO News & Practices, Step 6: Measure and Track Your SEO Success.
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