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  1. Announcing the official token contract for $VTX. Contract address: 0xceb286C9604c542d3cc08b41AA6C9675B078A832 Do not fall for scam/fake tokens!
  2. Running a small/medium crypto based ERC20 project, but can't grow ur business owing to high Ethereum Gas Fee & slow transactions?! Enjoy the fast, simple & cheap transactions on #BSC backed by massively growing community. @binance @cz_binance #BNB
  3. A New Day! A New UI! A Whole New Upgraded Experience! Don't forget to Checkout JulSwap's New Updated User Interface, Now LIVE with- My Staking Category Quick Swap Updated Launchpad
  4. Weekly update on the APY rates of the $YVS platform on both #ETH & #BSC! → earn 800-900 % becoming a liquidity provider, → earn 200 % for staking $YVS tokens Money bag Additionally, you can earn over 300 % in our $BNB, $BUSD & $WBTC vaults!
  5. High voltage signThe PoW tests in BIT is continuing. PoW owners shared the reward among each other. Total reward since the beginning of the test is 8770 BIT which will be converted in ENQ when we end the test periodMoney bag $ENQ #news
  6. Phore to airdrop Graphene on #BinanceSmartChain Just hold #Phore in your wallet and get #Graphene for free! Rocket 1 $PHR = 10 $GFN Money bag #Airdrop Snapshot 1 = March 14th Calendar #Ethereum #Bitcoin #Binance $BNB $ETH $BTC @binance
  7. In 2020, the #crypto market has shown incredible growth rates, especially when it comes to #capitalization. In times of growth, going to market is the most successful solution, which is what the #BUMO #platform has taken advantage of. Find out more on site
  8. Vortex DeFi maintains gold standards of worldwide KYC and AML laws as we have partnered with Blockpass to ensure the same!
  9. The Listing March continues! Salutations to the $Jul(B&D) army for having made another Listing Achievement, this time at #IDEX! And our army is just getting warmed up! Many more to come!
  10. Stake your $JUL (JULb) & $JulD very Soon with No Risk of Impermanent Loss; And Start to Earn $LEAD Our Heartiest Thanks to @LeadWallet for sponsoring $30,000 of $LEAD Tokens for the @JulSwap Community! Go live 18th February 2021
  11. Over 1M $ locked in the $YVS staking pool and over 500k $ locked in the $YVS/ETH liquidity pool. Amazing record by the best community in crypto! ROI rates are still: → >200 % for $YVS staking, → >1,300 % in the liquidity pool farm
  12. Enecuum Ecosystem Evolution news Enqone Love airdrop - 1,000,000 LOVE COINS BEING GIVEN AWAY AMM DEX Naming Contest More than 170 name suggestions have already been sent in! There are 25,000ENQ at stake
  13. Phore holders get Graphene tokens for free! Get 10 $GFN for every 1 $PHR you hold Don't have #Phore? Don't miss out!
  14. #BUMO is a network of absolute trust between users, which is built on the basis of the #InternetofThings (#IOT), #blockchain, and #smartcontracts. With BUMO, you can easily automate your business as well as #digitalize assets. Find out more on site
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