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  1. There are plenty of articles about him on the net. You can find some additional info there but I'm really suspicious when I read his stories. Don't get me wrong, I respect what he did with his life but I don't believe he became rich that easy. It's probably a combination of hard work and success which cannot be the success story for anyone. For example, I tried to make money online because I need getting out of debt very fast. I can't say that I do much per day but at least some money...definitely won't become the richest man in my country tho, lol.
  2. You have a very interesting answer. However, I personally think that there is probably nothing better than pizza in this world. If there are pizza gods, then I am ready to promote the faith of the pizza gods.
  3. Hello, I like the excellent plan you have here. I'd like to know how to manage to do this. Recently I was also thinking of starting to produce many different plants for my garden. I wish it was as green as possible. I'm also curious what you did in the end with this plant and if you managed to find it a new home. I know it's an old thread, but still, my curiosity is more important. But I still don't own a big house with its own garden, and that's upsetting. I do hope that this blog https://financialfreedomcountdown.com/real-estate-syndication/ will help me to understand how to invest my money.
  4. Agree, this is the way to be healthy! I think you can try to google some list of approved and not approved supplements. But it is important to know the exact composition and the the sides effects before starting taking supplements, especially if you have a difficult job. Also you can try to take a consultation at your doctor and make some test. That way you will know exactly what is safe or not to take. If you do decide to start taking supplements for workout, I suggest to buy only at reliable and certificated pharmacy, because there are a lot of counterfeit on the market now. Personally I am taking now peptides for muscle building, skin care and weight loss and I am satisfied with the result.

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