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  1. Celebrity premium subscription apps like OnlyFans have become the talk of the town since the pandemic outbreak. With COVID-19 restricting people’s movements by eliminating shows or theatres, celebrities are under immense pressure to engage with the audience in one way or the other. Apps like OnlyFans help them in monetizing their content while engaging with their fans. As an entrepreneur, you can earn a consistent income by bridging the gap between celebrities and followers. Here’s the list of income-generating sources to consider in your OnlyFans clone. Commissions from cel
  2. The on-demand food delivery apps are continuously emerging as people are so accustomed to restaurant foods. Also, the food delivery services will compliment your business with increased user base and profits. All you have to do to venture into this business is by framing a business model. Out of the many business models of food delivery apps, the Foodpanda isolates itself by providing user-friendly and timely services. If their business model stimulates you, then you can go with the foodpanda clone app development. The app development solutions include, Single food store
  3. With a healthy CAGR of almost 50% in the upcoming years, the market for home services app has become the investors’ eye. Apps like Urban Company, Housejoy, etc., have made their everlasting presence in the flourishing sector. Developing a home services app has been made easy with the emergence of clone app solutions. If you’re an entrepreneur aiming to foray into the sector, here’s a list of business and revenue models to consider in your Urban company clone app. Business models: Buyer-pick model: In this model, it is the customers who decide the type of services as w
  4. Delivery apps have been on the rise ever since the pandemic situation. With people confined to their homes, ordering via smartphones has become the new norm. Multiple delivery services like food, grocery, medicine, alcohol, flower, etc., have gained the spotlight in the current scenario. Multi-service delivery apps like Dunzo are soaring in download and engagement rates. As a result, a sea of entrepreneurs is parading towards app development companies in pursuit of developing an on-demand Dunzo clone app. If you’re among those entrepreneurs, here’s a list of attributes that make your del
  5. Let me break the answer right away. You either require $15,000 - $30,000 to develop a food delivery app like DoorDash, or you can restrict your budget to as low as $1999 by launching an app like DoorDash. The above statement is pretty confusing, right? Well, the devil is in the detail. There are two popular ways to develop a food delivery app. Let’s compare and analyze these two techniques from an entrepreneurial perspective. #1 Building from scratch In this app development technique, you take care of everything, right from market research to app launch. You carry the b
  6. I was in the pursuit of a grocery delivery app development company a few years back, and so I think I am qualified enough to answer this question. Now, let’s assume you’re about to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app like Bigbasket. To avoid building castles in thin air, you need to have certain prerequisites to get started. They include, A detailed report on your market conditions Your ideas and USPs Predetermined budget After equipping yourselves with these three elements, you begin to search for your app development company. A
  7. Any app without potential benefits fails to create an impact in the highly-competitive market space. A premium celebrity subscription app like OnlyFans comes with enticing benefits for the entire ecosystem. They include, Authentic fan experience: Followers get to interact with their favorite celebrities in real-life, leading to an authentic fan experience. This follower engagement strategy is one of the main benefits of an OnlyFans clone. Celebrities earn a consistent income: Unlike other social media apps, stars get to monetize their content. This way, while engaging the audie
  8. It is vital to address the COVID-19 outbreak situation because the virus spreads like wildfire, and the entire food delivery ecosystem can turn into a major hub. Hence, by taking preventive mechanisms, one can sustain the market for an enhanced timeframe. Here is a list of COVID-19 safety add-ons to consider in a JustEat app like development. Contactless deliveries: Encourage delivery workers to adopt contactless delivery options, dropping customer orders in front of their homes. Safety gear for workers: Provide safety gear like gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc., to y
  9. An entrepreneur needn’t worry about ROI after developing a DoorDash like app. This is because there are numerous revenue streams through which entrepreneurs can gain consistent income. Some of the popular income-generating sources to consider during DoorDash app development include, Commissions: Restaurants give up a part of every customer payment as paid commissions to the platform owner. Delivery charges: Customers pay delivery charges to enjoy doorstep food deliveries during the final payment. Subscription charges: In order to enjoy enticing benefits, customers choose
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