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  1. ABI takes time to repair the Elder Winch motor and to arrange the other necessary things to make sure that the great sleeping giant project will be DEFINATELY operative in the coming months confidently until the end of this summer! Actually this is the pre-production period to check everything that is perfect to work, The motor and the other equipment as it will be not good if any instrument will be went odd during the actual production and it may cause the waste of time and money and production targets .So it is very important that everything is to be satisfactory, All the equipment The
  2. The period of quiet before the excitement Everyone is wondering what is going on as motor is taking enough time to rebuild and if the sleeping Giant project will be ready until the coming summer? The purpose to invest in ABI is to get the return on investment because ABI have one gold mine already and second one will be ready soon, Investors are well aware how to earn in stock markets as the only way is to buy shares when it is at LOW Price so it can sell on High price! It is understood to rebuild an old mine is not only time taken but also hard and need strong determination so
  3. The Great Sleeping Giant Project Will commence its Initial Productions from This Month & Until July 2021 it will be in full productions! In recent most meeting of ABI shareholders where many good things are discussed M.Hinse also spokes the following: • They appoint some new employees for Sleeping Giant Mines • More professional people will be hiring for Abcout Barvue Gold Mine • They also informed about milestone for Sleeping Giant Project • And in Next summer they will intentionally giving bonuses
  4. Be Vital with the ABI at the moment! Don’t be confused about the sleeping Giant venture creations, When M.Hinse describes about the productions are in Q1 2022, In fact ABI financial year will be ended in June, Actually he speaks for the beginning of Q1 2022 in July 2021 The Sleeping Giant project is lasted consciously and for next summer present more good price of share vitalized for the ultimate output !!
  5. ABI Wake Up the Sleeping Giant Project Prior For The Twice Productions of Gold! The decision is took placed at October 12 for the initial blast in coming week to the Mine The Great Sleeping Giant Project will be ready in coming summer as the initial procedures have been started, Hopefully the achievement will be for an average of 11g/t grade Gold *The renewal measures of mine have done *The first blast will be done with in early coming days * Soon after the blast the digging work will be completed *The tunneling process wil
  6. ABI is ready to double the Production of Gold by the waking Up of Sleeping Giant Project! On October 12 they decide to do an initial blast early in coming days to discoverd mine. The Process of the Great Sleeping Giant Project is starting and this will be ready for the next Summer With the potential of average 11g / t grade GOLD! * The restoration procedures of mine have finished * Early in coming days the first blast will be done * Soon after the blast the digging work will be completed * The procedures are orga
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