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  1. Well, the most attractive men will be liked by only approximately 20% of all the females on Tinder. This number is low due to a combination of factors including females that don’t regularly use the site, fake profiles, intimidation, and some variation in what the pickiest women find attractive. In the grand scheme of things, a 20% success rate can actually lead to a large number of matches very quickly. So attractive guys can do pretty well using Tinder (congratulations). Unfortunately, this percentage decreases rapidly as you go down the attractiveness scale. According to this analysis a man
  2. Well, you should also keep in mind, that security is one of the main things, on which you should spend a lot of your time, or money, if you're going to hire a security IT team, that will help you with that. I know a company called Sphere IT, where guys are IT professionals and they know for sure what exact technical solutions they have to do, so you would have no technical or security problems with your online business.
  3. I think that tags and geo-tags mean a lot in such promotion things. I would also consider about promoting your videos or yourself on other videos sharing services, for example like Utreon, where I could find channel Actual Justice Warrior recently, and when YouTube has some connection issues, I always watch videos on Utreon. It's way better to promote your stuff on different resources, don't you think?
  4. It actually depends on what exact SEO promotion companies you're going to order links from. I've heard a lot of great reviews about Natural Links company, which not just gets money, but always shows real results for their clients. Here is their safe link building service where my friends have been ordering promotion of their website, and they are completely satisfied by the result.
  5. I wouldn't risk in a such way, and would buy golden or silver jewelry items only from verified online shops like fjewellery which I've found few weeks ago. I've made a simple order of necklace and earrings for my relative, as a birthday gift. And what I can say - they have delivered my jewellery stuff pretty fast.
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