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  1. There are 3 easy ways from which you can search twitter history: 1. Your Twitter data - You can login to your account and go to "account setting " , then click on "more" , them "setting and privacy" . Under Account section, click on your "Twitter data" and click on "request data" option. You data will be sent on your email. 2. Use Twitter Advanced Search techniques - From three section you can customized your result- Word, Accounts, Dates. Search history of any public twitter account 3. Use Trackmyhashtag - It is an Advanced AI-driven retrieval tool which can help to search
  2. Hey! Yes, you can get Twitter analytics for another account without having their passwords. Followeraudit is an AI-Based Twitter analytics tool. This tool can help you get detailed Twitter analytics, followers growth rate, unfollowers, number of fake and real followers of any public Twitter account. The tool will provide you the data within minutes and with accurate information. How to use it? 1) Visit the official site of Followeraudit. 2) Sign-in with your Twitter account 3) Enter the username of the account whose analytics you want to get 4) Click search. 5) The report will be p
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