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  1. Clean Out Existing Spam. To remove spam from your existing GA reports, you can create a Custom Segment. How to Add Filters to Block Out Referral Spam. Block Common Spam Referrers. Block Third Party Traffic
  2. This is the top 5 off-page technique to rank higher on Google Social Media Marketing. Guest Content. Forum Posting. Local Listings. Commenting.
  3. A guest post is just one posting in some blog written by an author who's not one of the regular editors of the blog. A PBN, on the other side, is a network of blogs, which publish identical postings. They are sometimes used for gray-hat SEO to generate tons of backlinks.
  4. The First Step is Knowing the Factors. Improve Your Score by Targeting Your Ad Groups. Research Keywords. Write AdWords Ads That Are High Quality. Work on Your Landing Page. Make Your Ad Groups Small. Try Using Negative Keywords. Expand Your Text Ads.
  5. A Secure and Accessible Website Page Speed Mobile Friendliness Domain Age, URL, and Authority. Optimized Content Technical SEO User Experience Links
  6. Quality Score is a metric used by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing that influences ad rank and cost per click of ads. To determine the position of the ad on a search engine, each ad is allocated using a process which takes into account the bid and the Quality Score.
  7. There's a new setting in Analytics called Data Retention. By default, Google sets the User and Event data to expire in 26 months. If you want to play it safe, it's easy to adjust the settings so that you retain your data for longer, or you can set it to never expire.
  8. It does not negatively affect SEO because you have not blocked crawlers, instead you have blocked hotlinking your images. Search bots can still crawl your images, index them and show them in search results.
  9. Loading times are important for UX and SEO. So resize the image to how you want it displayed. WordPress helps by automatically providing the image in multiple sizes after uploading it. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the file size is optimized as well, that's just the image display size.
  10. these point will help you. 1. Do YouTube keyword research 2. Know your audience 3. Optimize your video title 4. Optimize tour video description 5. Feature a good video thumbnail 6. Add appropriate tags to your video 7. Promote and get more views for your videos
  11. Google recently announced a new Breadcrumbs report available in the Search Console to inform site owners about markup issues. The Search Console's new report uses this data to help site owners fix any issues preventing their breadcrumbs from displaying as rich search results.
  12. An umbrella keyword would be a keyword for which many long-tail variation keywords exist. In that sense it is a broad term, the very opposite of a specific term. If you would like to rank for an umbrella keyword, then you should make a page optimized for that keyword as a parent page in your sitemap
  13. An ad group contains one or more ads that share similar targets. You set a bid, or price, to be used when an ad group's keywords trigger an ad to appear. Use ad groups to organize your ads by a common theme, such as the types of products or services you want to advertise.
  14. No, image changing in a blog doesn't affect seo , if you're adding a good picture with alt text - help to grow new readers.
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