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  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk... It's so frustrating now that everywhere we go on the net all we meet are a bunch of scammers who pretend to be real or convince us that they do pay etc... Oh well, all we got to do is be vigilant and cautious so that we will not be a victim anymore. Good job, zoomx69.
  2. Just a proven fact that those sites who are giving a whooping and surmountable amount of money to members is already a big question mark and all of us should be cautious about joining sites like this and stay away from them. Good job skylady!
  3. Oh no wonder this post is on scam sites, since it is suppose to be convincing people to join the site and then it is here in this section. Al you are so helpful to all of us here in TGF in being honest telling us you have not been paid until now. So for those scam bags out there, we are watching on your back now!
  4. Wow, kinda cunning and convincing of that site. They will pay you at first and then when you invest more they will just run away with the money. Tsk tsk tsk. Those people behind it should be condemned and put to prison.
  5. As for me, I just google search everything I want to know about blogging and earning online. Here's few things I have done that helped me earn $21 in blogging. 1. I sign up for gmail account (which consists real information about me) 2. I sign up for google adsense (www.google.com/adsense) 3. I sign up for blogspot using my gmail account. I choose blogspot since it's much easier and you can incorporate google adsense into it. 4. As I was waiting for my google adsense to get approve, I started chosing the best niche for my blog and starting posting. Around 8 blog posts. 5. When my google adsense was approved, I started incorporating google adsense. Just go around with blogspot you will know the procedure or search on google for detailed procedure. 6. Then, I do forum posting to promote my blog. The $21 I earned was for around 2-3 months promotion. Quite small since I was not paying attention to it and working on it 8 hours a day, since I have a regular job. There you go, I hope you learned something and you can earn more than me:)
  6. Hi ya there, blondie! You got a lot of referrals there who signed up in TGF and saw the banner on your blog. Nice Job! Welcome to TGF, have fun.
  7. Rose223

    hi all

    HYIP, your username does says it all lolz. All I was trying to say is, Welcome to Top Gold Forum, where everyone shares their online money making secrets:)
  8. Rose223


    Hi Chris! Welcome to TGF, enjoy your stay here I am pretty sure you will.
  9. Let's face it there are a lot of members here who are promoting an affiliate site, or anything that do let us earn money online. But the question is, is it necessary to show some proofs of earnings or just put the referral link? What is your opinion?
  10. skylady nice name there:) i have read most of your replies to threads they were very informative. Cheers!
  11. It's nice of you to drop by here at Top Gold Forum! Welcome and hope you keep on posting here and share insights on how to earn money online! Let's start getting rich:)
  12. Nice to meet you fiaris! Send my regards to all the people there in China, hopefully I can visit your country soon.
  13. Hi there barbara, hmm you do like gold that makes two of us already. Maybe you can share some gold trading sites here. Welcome to Top Gold Forum!
  14. As for me? I usually wake up around 6am and automatically log in to my email and check emails, then proceed to work. I turn it off around 12 midnight or 1am. I am a bit of a workaholic. But hey, it's all homebased so I own my time ;)
  15. one insight on making money online: "Online social networking is huge when it comes to how to make money online. Without an online business social network minded people to help you make money online, it is difficult to earn the income you so desire. And the best part is you can make money online free using a network of friends and grow your business faster."
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