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  1. In WordPress Media Library the website owners can store all the images, PDFs, and other media files. If a plethora of files are put up in the database then the file system gets more crowded. Probably, it will increase the cost of storage space and decrease your website performance because the browser will take time to download multiple copies of the same image. Here, in this article, we will demonstrate the ways to easily clean up your WordPress media library. To begin with, some reasons related to the importance of cleaning up the WordPress Media Library. Why Clean Up the WordPress
  2. Twitter is the most preferred social media platform and not just among the users but also famous for brands and influencers. On the Twitter platform, there are 500 million tweets sent each day and 6,000 tweets every second. You may spend a lot of time tweeting and building a successful Twitter following. You can efficiently display the latest tweets on your WordPress site by integrating your Twitter account. Not only that will show recent tweets, but you can embed content from Twitter like your lists, collections, specific tweets, post likes, etc. The best part is the content shared on Tw
  3. Widgets were introduced in WordPress version 2.2, and it was known as a distinct advantage for the WordPress world. WordPress widgets plugins will make the sidebar more engaging. Using widgets, a user can add a ton of different sections that a user can add to the sidebar. In the beginning, WordPress didn’t come with a variety of widget options but after the new version of WordPress 4.8 released, there are now lots of widget options such as archives, related posts, calendar, video, and text, are introduced. There are plenty of WordPress widget plugins are available with advanced features.
  4. According to recent statistics, users spend an average of 3 hours out of every day on social networks. It plays a crucial role and one of the main factors to bring traffic to your website. Bringing all the social network posts together on one page, easier with the help of WordPress social media feed plugins. If you’re looking to add the social media posts together to an online site. Then, WordPress gives lots of fantastic and useful social media feed plugins available to choose from. For Integrating social media feeds we’ve put together well-developed social media feed plugins. So, pick t
  5. A portfolio highlights your innovative design process and past work. The process of creating a UX design portfolio permits you to reflect on your skills as well as achievements. It simply means that creating a powerful UX portfolio is a true representation of your skills. Telling a powerful story, clear summaries, and quality work are some of the important things to keep in mind when creating a UX portfolio. The common misunderstanding regarding a UX design portfolio is that they are merely made up of final UI designs and screenshots. Here, in this article, we have illustrated the thirtee
  6. You can manage a multi-vendor store alone if you have good knowledge of web design, development and also have marketing skills. But, managing a multi-vendor store is not just about keeping your customers happy. All they can see are millions of products available in your store to choose from to a consumer. Products are getting timely delivered at their doorsteps, and honestly, they don’t care about the vendors. They believe they are directly dealing with you; as a brand, they trust the quality of operations. But as a business owner, you must make sure things run smoothly for vendors t
  7. Freelance offers the liberty to work at any place and any project and earn the money as much as you’re able to. With the expansion of the internet, it has now become easier for developers, designers, freelancers to reach their target audience simply by building a portfolio or website online. With WordPress, it becomes easier to form a website with the support of WordPress plugins for freelancers. It is obstructive for a freelancer to be an expert in all the fields however providing quality work is obligatory and that holds credibility. A freelancer can easily start their own website to pr
  8. Is Magento safe and secure for its clients? Read this detailed guide on how to secure the Magento website from getting hacked. Read full article here> https://bit.ly/3b4dvuv
  9. What time does the store close? How can I get to that shop? What’s the phone number to reach there? Do these questions sound familiar? It’s time to look for the best Magento 2 store locator extension to drive foot traffic to your store. When a customer searches for a particular location, directions, phone number, and hours of operation, Magento 2 store locator extension can be helpful. Using the Magento 2 store locator extension, business owners can display all the stores in a separate page on the website. It can also be integrated with Google Maps to help the users find the sto
  10. We live in a digital era, and it is amazing how it has brought us all together. But it also has changed the way people make an opinion about you or your brand. When you start a new blog, it is difficult to get visitors to trust you. And to make them trust you, you need to showcase how many people trust you and what opinion they hold about you. Hence social proof. Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon that helps people establish an opinion about you or your brand by looking at others’ actions and decisions in a particular situation. For example, the reviews on a product hel
  11. How To Increase User Sign Ups On Your Ecommerce Store? (Best Practices) Growing your email subscriber list is probably the most difficult task of the whole marketing scenario. Inspiring people to sign up to your website isn’t going to be easy. But before you completely give up on it, know that email marketing is one of the best practices of digital marketing that gives >40% conversion rate. It is highly cost-effective and is considered as the start of a long-term relationship with your clients to benefit your enterprise in long run. Just imagine how easy it would be for you to
  12. Slow loading pages are not just a major let down for your potential lead but also for Google. Slow loading pages increase the bounce rate on your website and thus hurt your SEO greatly. Meanwhile, there are various ways to optimize your website to improve the loading speed; not many people pay attention to the images. Especially if you are working with a website development company that doesn’t pay attention to trends, you might have this problem.If you are using full-size images on your website, now is the time to optimize your images and speed up your website. In this blog, we share everythi
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