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  1. Is Magento safe and secure for its clients? Read this detailed guide on how to secure the Magento website from getting hacked. Read full article here> https://bit.ly/3b4dvuv
  2. What time does the store close? How can I get to that shop? What’s the phone number to reach there? Do these questions sound familiar? It’s time to look for the best Magento 2 store locator extension to drive foot traffic to your store. When a customer searches for a particular location, directions, phone number, and hours of operation, Magento 2 store locator extension can be helpful. Using the Magento 2 store locator extension, business owners can display all the stores in a separate page on the website. It can also be integrated with Google Maps to help the users find the sto
  3. We live in a digital era, and it is amazing how it has brought us all together. But it also has changed the way people make an opinion about you or your brand. When you start a new blog, it is difficult to get visitors to trust you. And to make them trust you, you need to showcase how many people trust you and what opinion they hold about you. Hence social proof. Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon that helps people establish an opinion about you or your brand by looking at others’ actions and decisions in a particular situation. For example, the reviews on a product hel
  4. How To Increase User Sign Ups On Your Ecommerce Store? (Best Practices) Growing your email subscriber list is probably the most difficult task of the whole marketing scenario. Inspiring people to sign up to your website isn’t going to be easy. But before you completely give up on it, know that email marketing is one of the best practices of digital marketing that gives >40% conversion rate. It is highly cost-effective and is considered as the start of a long-term relationship with your clients to benefit your enterprise in long run. Just imagine how easy it would be for you to
  5. Slow loading pages are not just a major let down for your potential lead but also for Google. Slow loading pages increase the bounce rate on your website and thus hurt your SEO greatly. Meanwhile, there are various ways to optimize your website to improve the loading speed; not many people pay attention to the images. Especially if you are working with a website development company that doesn’t pay attention to trends, you might have this problem.If you are using full-size images on your website, now is the time to optimize your images and speed up your website. In this blog, we share everythi
  6. Finding new leads is one of the biggest challenges faced by eCommerce businesses. Several big brands have enormous credibility in the market, and if that was not enough, the fake ones have taught people the hard way to not trust just everyone other than the brands with at least some reputation. The challenge is big, and so has to be your solution. Everything, right from your website to your marketing strategy, must involve points that allow your customers to trust you. Talking of marketing tactics, using customer testimonials can help you drive more leads and increase your conversion rate
  7. Let your your customers find your online store's physical location on Google Maps easily using Store Locator Magento 2 Extension. Customers will easily to find the nearest store location to them. Also, this is a wonderful module using which you can locate multiple stores on Google map. Allows customers to search your store by country, state, city, or zip-code & the search result gets displayed as a highlight on Google map. Furthermore, allows customers to view individual store details by clicking on the link ‘Details & Directions’ from the searched store list. It displays a
  8. Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension: With the help of Mega Menu Extension, store owners can display categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop-down menu. Also, it allows to promote items, banners, and clips right beautifully and drive the attention of consumers. Admins can easily style their own mega menu without editing CSS from the backend. Also, the admin can add category labels to highlight products, such as Hot, New Product, 50% OFF, etc. It will easily attract more audience to your website and help you in boosting more sales. Know more here: Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension
  9. 🎅Ho! Ho! Ho! Magento Christmas Sale Is Ending Today!🎅 Buy your desired Magento 2 Themes & Magento 2 Extensions @30% flat off. Grab your deal soon before it goes away. Get it now: Magento Christmas Sale
  10. Wanna hike your traffic and sales in your eCommerce store? Try using these free SEO tools. It will help you improve the visibility of your online store and attract more audience. More visibility means more engagement. This will help you generate unlimited traffic and also increase your conversion rate. So get these free SEO tools today and start spiking good Google ranking. Get it here: Best Free SEO Tools (Get High Traffic)
  11. When your product quantity becomes Zero, I have a wonderful solution for you which is known as Sold Out Label Magento 2 Extension. This module comes for free. With the help of this free extension, you can display Sold Oul Label whenever your product quantity becomes zero. This module works automatically. When product quantity becomes out of stock, it automatically displays 'Sold Out Label' on the product list page. It allows store owners to set labels as either text or image. It provides options to set positions of out of stock labels like Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left
  12. Blogging is an essential part of online marketing. It helps to drives traffic to your website, generates new leads, helps to nurture those leads, and ultimately helps to hike more sales. You can use Advanced Blog Magento 2 Extension that helps store owners to create an interactive two-way communication platform to provide official information on the store eg. news, discounts, sales, new products, events, upcoming products, promotions, etc. Also, it facilitates customers to make comments on a particular blog and the comment can be moderated by the store admin. After getting approved by th
  13. The search box is the most effective tool to enhance the search functionality of your website. It permits each product search for online customers and helps them to find and shop their needs quickly without wasting much time. It provides a great shopping experience to customers and helps the store owners get more sales. If you want to learn how to add a search box on your Magento 2 store and make your website user-friendly, visit here: Smart Ways To Add Search Box On Your Website
  14. Customer Feedbacks Magento 2 Extension: It's a very useful extension for the Magento store owners. It allows users to share their opinions or feedback. This extension offers a floating Feedback button and a fully functional feedback form on every website's page where customers can share their feedback. Also, it offers Google ReCaptcha functionality to protect your site from spam. Customer feedback plays a great role for store owners to understand the taste and like of customers. Highlighted Features- It provides a fully customize the interface of the extension from t
  15. Would you like to know how to serve your customers using the Request For Quote option? It's one of the best marketing strategies that allow customers to bargain on your online store like physical stores. Customers always like to reduce product prices and buy at cheap prices. Here you will learn how to use Request For Quote that helps to reach price agreement and reduce cart abandonment. Know more here: How To Serve Customers Using Request For Quote?
  16. Customer Approve Magento 2 Extension: This is one of the most useful tool for store owners that allows to verify and approve every customer register that registers with the store. It provides an option to automatically or manually approve customers who register to the store without affecting the default registration process. Highlighted Features- The Store owners set customer status as approve, disapprove, and pending. Redirect pending and disapproved customers to an external or internal URL or a CMS page. Configure the custom message for the customers when their acc
  17. Christmas Sales Is Still On! Get A Huge Discount Of 30% On All Magento Products. Offer is ending soon! Get it now or never. Buy now: Magento Christmas Sale 2020
  18. Advanced sorting Magento 2 Extension is a unique tool that comes with custom product sorting options to make the product search easier for customers. It allows customers to sort products by Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Popularity, Newest, Rating, and many more. It facilitates users to search for the right products most easily and comfortably. Highlighted Features- Provides a fully customizable interface of the extension from admin that is easily manageable Ability to enable/disable from backend like best seller products, most viewed products, etc. Store owner can select
  19. Are you undecided which platform to choose, Magento, or PrestaShop for your upcoming project? Here in this blog, you will get a comparison between Magento Vs PrestaShop. It will help you understand whether to choose Magento or PrestaShop. Both platforms are designed for the eCommerce business and come with many unique features for setting an online store. Know more here: Magento Vs PrestaShop: Which ECommerce Platform To Choose?
  20. Do you want to collect more customers' information? Then you must use these tools which will help you collect more customer's data like email id, contact information, company detail, etc. It will help you in understanding your customer's buying behavior and their needs. So, you can easily retarget them with useful products and get easy conversions. Know more here: Best Magento 2 Extensions To Expand Customer Database
  21. Effective Social Media Marketing provides great benefits on branding your products and hiking your online sales. It's a great platform that helps to market your products online among potential customers and considerably get easy conversions. Hence if you would like to increase your conversion rate start social media marketing. It's a cost effective method to get more profit effectively. Explore more here: How To Use Social Media Marketing For ECommerce Store
  22. Big savings of the year 2020 is ending soon! Buy all premium Magento 2 Themes & Magento 2 Extensions @50% Off. Offer stands for few hours only. Buy now or never: Super Black Friday/Cyber Monday Magento Sale 2020
  23. Advanced Product Labels Magento 2 Extension is an amazing module that helps to display attractive product labels like Hot (Best Seller), Sale, Offer, Featured, New, etc..on the product view, and category view page. It creates a perfect way to motivate customers to purchase your products. Using this extension, store owners can create eye-catchy labels like “save $49” or “25% Off” for Magento store. Highlighted Features- Enable/Disable From Backend Display Different Types Of Labels Unlimited Number Of Labels Nine Predefined Label Positions Change Text A
  24. Would you like to increase your visitor's dwell time on your store? Low customers session on your website increases bounce rate and it reduces conversion rates. Also, it sends a bad impression to Google which may create a poor impact on the ranking of your website. Hence, you must check the dwell time of your customers on your website and if it's not showing up to the mark you must take necessary action. There are some amazing hacks that help to increase visitor's average time spent on the website. Check it here: How To Increase Average Time Spent On Your Website (7 Secrets)
  25. Improving product findability features can deliberately help your shoppers buy their required products comfortably on your online store. Here in this guide, you will learn how to improve product sorting & filtering to enhance good browsing and purchasing experience for your customers. It'll increase both engagement and sales. @ Happy earning. Know more: How To Improve Product Findability With Sorting And Filtering?
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