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  1. Instagram Widget Magento 2 Extension helps to integrate Magento store with Instagram. Using this extension store owner can create a beautiful Instagram gallery on his Magento 2 store and display his latest Instagram feed. It will help you get more social engagement and attract more users to your store. Download it here: Instagram Widget Magento 2 Extension Highlighted Features- Easy setup and configuration. Embed Instagram photos anywhere. Set limit of photos to display. Store owners can select photo size. Set title as store owner like.
  2. Conversion rate optimization is a system to enable people to take action when they visit your site. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, your online store must have conversions. Along with a well-designed website, you would need to implement some tips and tricks to increase your conversion rate. Here in this blog, you will learn how to convert your visitors into buyers. Check it out: Learn 25 proven tips to convert visitors into customers
  3. Do you know how online customer reviews affect your sales? It will help you to create a positive impact on your business. Customer reviews persuade people to make purchases from your store. Product reviews help to build trust and loyalty among your users. They can help users make the right educated decisions when shopping for products online. Check more info: How Online Reviews Boost Your Sales?
  4. Delete Order Magento 2 Extension: With the help of Delete Order Magento 2 extension, store owners can easily delete orders and all the related details like invoices, shipments, and credit memos from the order grid and order detail page in the Magento admin control panel. Highlighted Features- Delete multiple orders from the orders list page. Delete single order from the order view page. Automatically delete the invoice, shipments, and other linked data along with orders. Set a custom label for the delete order button.
  5. Advanced Product Labels Magento 2 extension: This module allows the store owner to display different labels like the Hot (Best Seller) products label, Sale off products label, Featured products label, New products label on the product page, category page, and search page. Using this extension, store owners can easily pull the attention of customers and make unlimited sales. Check for live demo: Advanced Product Labels Magento 2 extension Highlighted Features- The extension provides a fully customizable interface from the admin control panel that is easily
  6. Are you wondering to start up an online business in 2020? Well, that's sounds good. In the online business, you can earn unlimited profits. But you may be confused to choose the right eCommerce platform for starting your business. No worries, read this guide: How To Find Best E-Commerce Platform For Small Businesses In 2020
  7. Advanced Blog Magento 2 Extension: With the help of Advanced Blog Magento Extension store owners can create attractive blog post where he can share store information such as discounts, new products launch, store events, and so on. Also it allows to make comments on a particular blog. In the online market, blogging plays a crucial role to keep customers engaging. This is perfect tool that store owners can use to create beautiful blog post based on users interest. Also it allows to build relevant SEO-friendly text links that influences search engine rankings that serves as assistance in bui
  8. Right now Instagram is a widely used social media platforms, and an effective marketing channel. If you would like to leverage you online sales using Instagram, then read this blog. Instagram has millions of users around the glob where you can easily target potential customers and hike your sales. Here in this guide you will learn all the tips and tricks about how to grab Instagram users and convert them into leads. Explore it here: How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Ecommerce Store?
  9. Social Media plays one of the key role to increase your brand visibility. So you must integrating social media in your marketing campaign, it will give you help to maximize the reach of your online business to unlimited numbers of audiences. There are so many social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here you can run your social media marketing campaign to get better ROI. If you want to gain the best results from Social Media Marketing Campaigns follow these tips: Post Valuable Content Share Images Interaction With Your Followers Use Hashtags
  10. Most Viewed Products Magento 2 Extension: This module allows store owners to display the most viewed products on their store and helps them to easily attract visitors to buy those products. Using this extension will help you to enhance your site content by displaying your catalog's page with most viewed products. It allows to showcase "Most Viewed Products" as a stand-alone Magento page, widget-like blog, and as a slider in the left or right sidebar. Highlighted Features- Comes with a very user-friendly interface. Easily manageable from the store admin panel. Dri
  11. Featured Products Magento 2 Extension: It a remarkable tool that allows showcasing featured products on Magento store. Displaying featured products helps to drive the attention of customers and considerably increase online sales. The best part of this tool is that it comes for free. Using this tool you can display featured as a stand-alone homepage, as a widget-like block, and as a slider in the left or right sidebar. Download it here: Featured Products Magento 2 Extension Provides a fully customizable interface with a lot of custom configuration settings of the exten
  12. Want to improve SEO ranking of your Magento 2 store? SEO makes your website more visible on the search engine and helps you to gain more traffic. So, you can take the help of these SEO tools here: Powerful SEO Extensions For Magento 2 Store This will help enhance the performance of your online store and let you earn more conversions.
  13. FAQ Manager Magento 2 Extension: FAQ Manager Extension For Magento 2 - It's a great tool for an eCommerce store. This extension allows users to ask questions and get their answers from the admin site. It acts as a good way of communication between buyers and the seller. Generally, customers have many questions in their minds and this extension is the right option to help them out. With the help of this extension store owners can answer frequently asked questions. Highlighted Features- It comes with a user-friendly interface. Display FAQs using accordion on the front-sid
  14. Are you looking for the best technique to increase your online sales? Have you ever tried to promote your store offers and deals with countdown timer? It's a golden technique that helps to increase urgency in your customers and help you get more conversion quickly. Yes, countdown timer is the best way to grab customer's attention and let them purchase before ending the offer. Here is a complete guide that will educate you how to boost your online sales using countdown timer technique. Explore it here: How To Use Countdown Timers To Increase Sales?
  15. Want to learn how to personalize your Magento 2 store to influence customer's purchasing decisions? Website personalization helps to please visitors and keep them engaging in your store. It will help you to increase your conversion rate. Know more here: How To Boost Magento 2 Store Conversion With Personalization [Tips & Tricks]
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