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  1. This is one of the fastest growing areas of gambling, and I believe that this is a popular way to relax and earn money. But these goals require a different approach, and everyone is only interested in the possibility of earning money with rare exceptions. I have a little experience in gambling and I am much better versed in the development and analysis of products, so gambling interested me in this position. I've been working with the company for a couple of weeks now https://gambling-offers.in/ developing a sports betting resource. Instead of analyzing matches and teams, I understand the stru
  2. This is possible, but in MMORPG, many things are bought and sold for real money, so they speculate or pump accounts, help in achieving something, in principle, now in MMO if you learn how to earn good money.
  3. I often work with financial transactions, so I prefer exchange services with advanced security, including using 2fa. This method also works perfectly with outlook 2 factor authentication, which is used in teams. It was in the project with its use that I got acquainted with this method of protection. Perhaps this exchange service will also seem more convenient to me.
  4. Most of all, I won 2 thousand dollars, my friend and I bet on various matches and decided to make a combined bet, which turned out to be a coefficient of 20. We often do this, but fortunately sometimes, when we realize that the bet will not work out, we use the option cancel bet on hollywoodbets, because sometimes it is clearly visible. Usually we are not so lucky, but at that time we were very happy to win)
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