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  1. Unlock your cryptocurrency trading application with Bitstamp clone script. The app has several security layers like two-factor authentication, anti-phishing software, secure shell host, encrypted wallet, etc., that will protect the application from malfunctioning. The app will fix its position among competitors and users.
  2. First of all, good luck with your business venture in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Cryptocurrency trading has gained much traction among users, recently. With its decentralized and block chain based technology, the user finds it as the most secure and reliable platform for making cryptocurrency transactions. Of the other exchange platforms, you have chosen the feature-rich Poloniex clone script, a wise selection. Moving on to your question, there are many service providers, who provide exchange clone scripts developed on cutting edge technologies. If you are looking for a service provider, who offers white-labeled and customizable clone scripts, then Appdupe is the right choice for you. The company has established its service by providing clone apps for many popular applications. Following this, the company develops a Poloniex clone script embedded with trending features like 2FA, smart contracts, liquidity management, etc,. Go and visit their site, place a call with their representatives, and book an appointment with their development team. Once again, all the best.
  3. People are looking for the best, and secure exchange platforms. Keeping this demand for cryptocurrencies, you can launch a Bitpay clone app. To help you with this, at Appdupe, we have a team of seasoned developers, who build world class Bitpay clone apps. Here is the list of features we provide: The application supports multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc., The app supports any number of transactions every second. Currency conversion like Fiat-cryptocurrency or vice versa can be done. The app offers utmost security, as all records are stored in block chains, backed with decentralized ledger technology. When compared to other platforms, the app deducts less amount as commission for every transaction. In a nutshell, we provide ready made apps that save your time, and you can acquire the market position in no time. In addition to the inbuilt features, we offer paid plugins so that you can integrate them according to your business needs. Our solutions are scalable in case your business needs expansion in the near future.
  4. there are many clone app developers out there who provide custom clone apps. But there are other points to tick, before choosing an app development vendor. Check whether they provide features like white labeling, scalability, and budget-friendly solutions. A clone app development vendor named Appdupe provides all the above-said features in addition to a customizable Coinbase clone script. Here is the list of features that makes the app appealing: Two-factor authentication ensures that the accounts of users are verified. This also protects accounts from hacking. Inbuilt escrow wallet helps to protect the cryptocurrencies of buyers. Escrow wallet will release the cryptocurrencies to buyers’ accounts, only when sellers agree to terms and conditions. Live market- Users can view the current market price of cryptocurrencies directly from your platform. The app supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc., With our solution, you can offer services on any devices, and platforms. We provide source codes for iOS, Web, and Android. We provide many additional features to make the app unique from your competitors. Our solutions are completely white-label, and scalable. Contact us to know more about our solution package.
  5. You can build your crypto trading venture with Appdupe’s affordable cryptocurrency exchange script. We customize it in accordance with your business needs and launch it on multiple platforms in a short time. We also offer marketing service to make your trading brand a hit in the market. Call us right away to build an app with our experienced set of developers.
  6. Become a crucial player in the crypto exchange industry with expert technical guidance from our experts at Appdupe. Our developers will toil hard to help you launch a money-spinning LocalBitcoins clone in the shortest turnaround time. We also help you market your app in the industry and make sure your brand is well-established among your users. Get in touch with us now.
  7. Cryptocurrency exchange is a fast-growing industry that many people are interested to venture into. If you are among those businesspersons, then a customized LocalBitcoins clone script with all the essential features will help you establish your brand in the crypto trading market. Include attributes such as two factor authentication, in-app wallets, multi-currency support, KYC, social media account login, etc. Build your app with the best developers right away.
  8. At Appdupe, we have the best blockchain developers who will work towards building secure blockchain-infused apps for your business. Our team uses the most advanced tools to build your app. Known as an experienced and suitable app development firm in the US market, we strive hard to provide the best-in-class app solutions for you.
  9. Blockchain backed apps will effectively help in setting up any successful business. Sectors such as finance, healthcare, banks, real estate, etc., use the technology to store data securely and for effortless management. Avail blockchain app development services from the most experienced experts in the market - Appdupe. We help you develop your business in a short period with our blockchain-based app solutions.

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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