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  1. I've heard about similar services and this method has quite a lot of potential. Using smart contracts helps to save a lot of time and it's actually very cool, but you also need virtual mail addresses and here the service https://ipostal1.com/virtual-address.php can come to the rescue. Do not think that this is an advertisement or I impose my opinion. I just recommend the excellent service that I myself use to this day and I am very pleased with its work. I believe that the most important thing in such matters is confidentiality, but here it is at a very high level. By the way, the prices are a
  2. Oh, after all this time, I have the same problem. I make content by shooting videos about me meeting ladies on shagbook.com and I set up dates in which I show people how to behave in a particular situation, how to communicate and how to understand a girl. There are already quite a few people watching this and they like it, so I would like to try to monetize it. But I do not know how to do it. Sell ads - where can I find an advertiser? Creating your own brand is still too early and difficult for me. To provide people with paid courses of pickup - bullshit for which I will never undertake. How d
  3. Hello ! I would like to share my personal experience. Once upon a time I dreamed of living in a big house, having a car, a family. You know, I can say this, now I have it all, because I went up to the casino boost. I just played and it started to work out for me, as soon as I entered I was given a lot of bonuses, which made me very happy. I advise everyone to raise at Boost Casino. After all, only there it is possible to raise large sums. Boost Casino is a very reliable casino because there are no bots that spin up the payouts and replace players. Boost Casino is played by real players, not bo
  4. I can see that on this site are many good knifes, but I don't really know which I should choose since I am new to cooking. Cooking was forever a passion that lived inside me for years but I never really thought about it, since I thought it's just a phase, but growing older I understood that I really love to cook. After getting some courses done, and everything I needed in my kitchen for my new hobby, I saw that I don't have a good knife, every knife just seemed wrong to me. One day a friend from my courses advised me a site with the best knifes nowadays, and there I finally found the perfect k
  5. What the? the first time they have something like that! You need to ask someon`e in charge of programming. When I press the download button, the video save page does no2t open. Luckily, sometimes it opens`and gives me errors in downloaders. So I ask, wh1t can be the cause? I realize that th2e problem may be hidden in the drivers. But the question is, which drivers? My solution is to change my windows? But I don`t think it`s the correct one. Can someone help me? I tried a lot to solve my problem but I still stick to the solution that I have to change my windows. I hope I'm doing the right t
  6. Hmm, I have been trading for a long time like my father and this is the first time I hear about this application. In general, I do not like to use mobile applications and for me a qualitative analysis of the market occurs only from a PC and only with the help of special services. I do not like to use different trading platforms and besides, I cannot find any feedback on your platform. I have been using forexrb.com for a long time and it has everything you need for high-quality and comfortable trading. I found out about this service a few months ago and it turned out that it is a very popular p
  7. Thanks for this information but I am already an experienced player and I know all the problems which are caused by playing casino, this information is more useful for the beginners. But I also know a good casino where you will lose less, this casino is 코인카지노 . This is the best casino online in Korea and also I've ever played, they are not only honest but also they don't have any hidden fees, I am playing this casino for about 2 years already and I never had a problem with taking my money out.
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