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  1. It's an interesting platform to bet, and the article seems to be very informative. I like betting on sports, especially on ice-hockey matches. My father was a professional player in hockey, though he never was a world star. He wanted me to become a hockey player as well, but I decided to become a lawyer. However, I sometimes bet and even play on online casinos. Now I prefer playing slots on เล่นสล็อต because the chances of win here is pretty high. Don't know why, but I'm very lucky when it comes to slots.
  2. It's a nice promotion and definitely not a scam. I was betting on soccer, especially on champions league events and eventually won a new Samsung Galaxy. It was my first prize win in my life (I'm 28yo). And believe me, I've participated in many such promotions. I was so happy! I've heard that many betting companies have started to implement such promotion to increase their popularity. But honestly, I'm more interested to gamble on casino malaysia than betting on sports. You can have much more fun playing there, imho.
  3. you mean the automation of manufacturing?
  4. Hello, fellow gamblers! I see I'm not the only one that loves this type of stuff 🙂 Recently I understood that I enjoy this type of time-spending. I started small by playing mini-games and slots on this website. If someone is interested, I'll leave it here https://www.vietnamwar.net/. But I wanted even more adrenalin, and that's how I began to play poker. To improve my game, I recently found that out-there are many tutorials on developing the necessary skills. Right now, this is my only way of income, and I'm winning big money. Don't be afraid to bluff because no one can tell when you're playin
  5. I see you like playing online too. Happy to see a fellow gambler around that is so passionate about this as I am. I started playing because my father a genius at this. He taught me how to use my strengths and fool everyone. I became a professional player at a very young age. Right now, this is the only way I earn money. For me playing online casinos has become more than a hobby. That's why I recommend this type of activity to everyone who is not gonna lose money very quickly. My favorite one is https://www.nova313.com/slot malaysia. You can check their site because they offer a wide variety of
  6. in the pursuit of profit, brokers make many mistakes
  7. I am not trading it, In my opinion, it si too risky. All I do with cryptocurrencies is buy Bitcoin. I use one website for buying and selling it. My brother is working as a graphic analytic in some big companies, so he always says that it is a very good idea to start buying cryptocurrencies especially BitCoin. I have already earned some money from this, when I bought all my BitCoins it was a lot cheaper than it is nowadays. I want to sell it and to take the profit, but my brother says to wait a little more, and I will make more money. Hope he is right. ___________________ https://up
  8. Sports betting is efficient only if you know how to count and analyze odds. It's been a kind of big problem for me since I was not completely aware of how the whole mechanism of sports betting actually works. I was betting on football matches and various even insignificant games not to lose a lot of money, having known my "skills" of counting odds. My experience started to change when I finally realized that it makes no sense to bet and lose all the time. Thus, I started to use americanodds.com. This parlay calculator is counting the exact amount of your payout in case you win. It's been reall
  9. Is this a new application, or have I just never heard about it before? I've recently started playing online poker, and now I understand this game quite well. To be honest, I didn't even play regular poker very often, and my playing skills left much to be desired. Now I am an active user of the online poker platform https://holdemtour.com, and I can even boast that I am making good money from it. After a little practice, I've become one of the best players on this site, and I participate in its tournaments. Now I am determined to "conquer" other online platforms and improve my poker skills.
  10. first you need to start the bankruptcy process this can be done with the help of lawyers
  11. Tests of drugs and vaccines for coronavirus are carried out every day, and every day new ways of treating coronavirus are invented and learned to help ordinary people. Many people think that inventing vaccines is only a matter for scientists, but in fact, people can help them too. People just need to try not to get sick, and if they get sick, they are treated in time so as not to get sick even worse and not get to the hospital. To do this, you need to be tested for coronavirus at home without bothering doctors, and in order to do this, of course, you need to buy tests and you can buy quality t
  12. Many people think that Forex trading is a long-term income that is not so easy to get just by turning on the application and pressing a couple of buttons. No, Forex trading is a complex system of earning which many people earn very quickly. But in order to make money quickly and easily, you need to learn this. If the programmers in their group can discuss this and share their experience, then you will not be able to find it somewhere among your friends and you will have to look for sites that will help you with this. But you can say that you are very lucky and the site https://www.asiaforex
  13. Hello ! I would like to share my personal experience. Once upon a time I dreamed of living in a big house, having a car, a family. You know, I can say this, now I have it all, because I went up to the casino boost. I just played and it started to work out for me, as soon as I entered I was given a lot of bonuses, which made me very happy. I advise everyone to raise at Boost Casino. After all, only there it is possible to raise large sums. Boost Casino is a very reliable casino because there are no bots that spin up the payouts and replace players. Boost Casino is played by real players, not bo
  14. What the? the first time they have something like that! You need to ask someon`e in charge of programming. When I press the download button, the video save page does no2t open. Luckily, sometimes it opens`and gives me errors in downloaders. So I ask, wh1t can be the cause? I realize that th2e problem may be hidden in the drivers. But the question is, which drivers? My solution is to change my windows? But I don`t think it`s the correct one. Can someone help me? I tried a lot to solve my problem but I still stick to the solution that I have to change my windows. I hope I'm doing the right t
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