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  1. If each social site get the same paragraph of text and the same link. Is this bad?
  2. I am getting less visitors per day even after my site rank on first page on Google and on Bing. What it mean ?
  3. Can we get backlinks from wikipedia ?
  4. What is the popular Content Marketing strategy followed by reputed brands ?
  5. Socialmedia Marketing Methods 1. Layout your goals 2. Learn about your audience 3. Produce diversified content for different social media platforms 4. Don’t ignore video content 5. Try sharing user-generated content from your fans and followers 6. Give education 7. Less promotion and more storytelling 8. Try influencer marketing 9. Make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) 10. Take advantage of the enthusiasm of loyal customers 11. Increase humanization 12. Use of chatbots for social media marketing
  6. Why companies spend much in email marketing whereas they have many good options available in market ?
  7. What can be an acceptable way to show HTML text to search engines while creating a graphical image for display to users?
  8. Which search engine patented the concept of “TrustRank” as a methodology to rank websites and webpages?
  9. What is your process for developing an SEO growth strategy?
  10. How to inspect sudden low traffic instances?
  11. How to solve the spammy referral traffic problem?
  12. How can I get more campaign impressions on my Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns?
  13. Which option cannot be changed once the Google account is created?
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