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  1. Nice output you got there dianne9. For those who have other insights just keep them posting here.
  2. Me? It never shuts down itself lols even though there is powercut since I have a UPS unit. It's always on 24/7, only my eyes do shuts down when I sleep. I usually get up around 10am and work at 11am and sleep around 2am. So that's about it.
  3. Nice name you have there Pardhu. Hi ya and welcome to TGF!:)
  4. Jwood

    hi all

    Are you from Kuala Lumpur? Just asking. Get ready, a warm hug for you hyip from me and all the TGF members:)
  5. It is necessary and should be mandatory that before a member will post an affiliate link, he or she should also post a link to show a proof that he or she got paid from that certain site. At least in this manner, it will not just be a bunch of scam sites luring around here just appear to be using a different site names. So everybody will therefore have the opportunity to earn the legitimate and get paid as well.
  6. hi skylady, checked the thread that you posted and it is very informative. thanks for keeping everybody informed about scam sites. just posted some replies from the other threads about being scammed. it is an awful experience that one should really avoid.
  7. hello zoomx69... welcome to TGF. I am so sorry to hear the news. If it is ok to ask, how much did you invest to this program? and what made you decide to invest with them?
  8. in addition, you need to look at any website claiming to be the WAY to financial FREEDOM with a keen eye and a clear head. The first thing that you need to think about is the content. Check if the person is telling you honestly about the program. Does it seem legal? This is important because if you purchase the program you will want to be sure that you are comfortable with the people you’ll be speaking and writing to.
  9. A 'good' trader is someone who will respect his tried-and-tested rules and sticking by them no matter what.
  10. in my point of view, getting help from professional is good if only you have the bucks to pay for. but if it way out of your budget, then you can do your homework as well. like the links that they posting above, all of them can guide you as long as you have the patience and perseverance.
  11. yeah, I have experienced that myself too. They even claimed that their father or husband with a high position in their country died and that they need cashout the money without being noticed from their country. true very tempting but I did not buy it. :P
  12. I really like Facebook. I have been in touch with so many people from different eras of my life, and the best part is that I do not have to really go out of my way to keep in touch with them! Very convenient for me!
  13. heard from one of my blogger friends, things you need to succeed in making money online are: A positive attitude Perseverance The desire to succeed ;)
  14. Facebook is much more secured and all of its services are much better, such as the tagging system and everything that is part of the photo system on facebook is better. Myspace is more of a music website, whereas I find facebook to be much easier to use and less in your face.
  15. well...every one of us here...looking forward to everything... im glad that im here!!! good luck to all of us...
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