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  1. As technologies are evolving everyday, people continually depend more on mobile apps. The advent of on-demand service apps has made it easier for people to sit at their respective homes and get their essentials things/services at their doorstep. The on-demand pharmacy delivery apps are a boon to the healthcare industry as they make things easier for patients and can get medicines delivered to the doorsteps. The app’s seamless interface and innovative features will offer nothing less of a premium experience for users. If you plan on getting into the healthcare business, on-demand medicine deliv
  2. With On-demand massage service apps, people can seamlessly book appointments with professional massage therapists. They can get parlor-like professional massage services done at their home or office. The massage services industry is often overlooked by the masses despite generating an overall revenue of $16.3 billion in the US. If you are planning to create a similar app for your business, get your hands on our mobile app development company to build the best available app in the market.
  3. Onlyfans app can be referred to as fan club sites since they connect directly with their favorite celebrities. The competition is less for OnlyFans as the sector is relatively new for the world. As the word goes out, several entrepreneurs are going to be inspired by this business idea. It will spark a new trend of developing OnlyFans app clones to get their slice of the market. They can quickly pursue their business idea by customizing the clone script to meet the user requirements and increasing demand. It is an effortless and affordable way for entrepreneurs to create a similar platform. Get
  4. Entrepreneurs can expect fast and cost-effective returns with an on-demand alcohol delivery app. As the millennial generation is obsessed with comfort more than anything else, the number of orders made on these platforms is increasing steadily. Investing in an innovative platform that offers an exclusive range of wine and tailored beverages enables entrepreneurs to achieve tremendous popularity in no time. Now would be the right time for you to take advantage of the globally growing demand for booze.
  5. The most beneficial business model for both users and local grocery shops is when the app takes care of the delivery. Apps like Instacart use this business model. Not every local store is partnered with a business-like Instacart. The stores that have partnered with these grocery delivery aggregator apps are given a special card machine that the shoppers can swipe with a dedicated card for making their purchases. Get your hands on our clone app development team and build an Instacart clone script that is customizable according to your needs and budget.
  6. An on-demand food delivery perfectly connects the gap between the customers and restaurants by not compromising on each other’s terms. Here are some insights into the customer’s expectations for a food delivery app. Ensure that your customers can quickly locate every restaurant on your app on the maps. Customize the application so the users can get the list of restaurants available in their vicinity. The users should be able to interact with their friends on social media to see where they are dining and their favorite restaurant. The user
  7. Amazon has officially given a statement saying customers will now get a ‘Climate Pledge friendly’ label on their delivery packages. It is directly applicable to more than 25,000 products on the platform. Amazon is currently focusing on a science-based approach that includes lab testing, machine learning, material science, and manufacturing partnerships to contribute to a healthier planet. Over the years, it has launched numerous climate-friendly programs due to its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040. Entrepreneurs have partnered with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative startups to op
  8. The on-demand model has successfully crept into almost all walks of our lives. Bigbasket has grown up to be a household name, and its relevance and profits have only increased ever since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyle of people forever. It should be remembered that the responsibility of delivering the groceries to the user falls on the store and not on the app. The marketplace model is quite like the aggregator model but the responsibility of delivering does not fall on the store but on the app. The app employees gig workers or delivery executives to pick the groceries up fro
  9. TikTok is a video streaming app, also a social media app. Therefore, the app should have features pertaining to both social media and video upload sites. As a video sharing app, TikTok should be equipped with the facility to upload videos easily. The videos predominately are in portrait mode. The video upload should be fast and straightforward. It was already seen that an app like TikTok is bound to be a social network. Another important feature that needs to be included in your app like TikTok is the music library. This helps users do lip-synch videos and dance videos, making video creat
  10. There arises a need to set privacy standards to get doctor consultations, and telemedicine apps provided the ideal elements needed for it. Medical practitioners can care for their patients amid this pandemic by interacting with them on virtual screens. Reports from McKinsey&Co. have concluded that the number of people using telemedicine apps in the US has increased by 46% in June. It was a significant increase in terms of user engagement, as last year's figure was a mere 11%. Scientists have predicted that coronavirus is here to stay at least until the end of 2021, even if we successfully
  11. On-demand service apps have an immense potential in the current market. Instacart is a top-rated grocery delivery and has millions of loyal customers around the world. If you plan to take your grocery business online, getting an Instacart clone app will be the ideal solution. The revenue models of on-demand grocery delivery business are: Commission fee is one of the most revenue models in which the entrepreneur will deduct a portion from the customers’ bill as a commission fee. The primary revenue source of on-demand grocery delivery business is from product sales. Th
  12. Mobile applications have effectively accelerated the healthcare sector. It has reduced the patient’s visit to the clinic by letting them schedule an appointment with their preferred doctors instantly and have virtual one-to-one interaction with them. Get in touch with our Doctor on-demand app development team and build a similar app with unique and rich features for your business.
  13. Google has now integrated food service in its Maps and Assistant. Although it is not an indication of Google’s involvement with the food delivery service business directly, this recent update to its operating system and services will significantly impact the existing business. Google has now enabled users to book food directly from their apps and services. They have tied up five top food delivery service providers in the market to facilitate the process. This feature will be deployed in a phased manner worldwide and will make it easier for customers to place orders on any food delivery a
  14. Commission fee is one of the highest sources of revenue for any on-demand service app. It will be charged based on the number of products bought by the customer and the bill amount. Customers will order more products from your supermarket if you have an online platform that offers door deliveries. This increases your product sales. In the bigbasket clone app you can also choose to sell products directly from the warehouse. So, you can add a small marginal price for every product before selling them. Categorize products as organic, fresh, hybrid, etc
  15. Ever since Dream11 has partnered for IPL 2020, the growth of user’s interest in fantasy apps is on the rise. They are real money-making games that allow users to take part in online leagues with virtual teams of real-life players. Launch a game app like Dream11 that is all about passion, fun, excitement, and predictions by getting in touch with our mobile app development team.
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