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  1. Most Forex traders tend to make a lot of money without learning. Because they think Forex is a money machine. Therefore, even though they have no knowledge of trading, they start trading with greed and emotion. As a result, most new Forex traders will quit trading. So, always start trading with a demo account first. Many brokers like Eurotrader offer it.
  2. Forex is not a gambling market. Traders must rely on the trading strategies they choose based on their trading experience and preference. In my case, I've been using a scalping strategy that makes a quick profit or loss. However, for scalping, traders a good broker that supports this kind of trading strategy. In my case, Eurotrader is my trading broker.
  3. Forex is not so difficult business. If it's difficult, no one will be able to make money from this market. However, new traders won't be able to profit from it so quickly. Learn and build a proper strategy first. Traders also need to use the method that works best for them. However, choose a broker like Eurotrader which allow all kind of trading strategy in the market.
  4. If you decide to become a full-timer at first, it definitely puts a heavy burden on traders. Moreover, a quick attempt to make money in the forex market can only cause traders to face unnecessary losses. They often ignore the guidelines to make a quick profit. Many also try gambling to earn money which isn’t the right trading path. I learned the proper trading way from my broker Eurotrader.
  5. In the Forex market, over 95% of traders are losing money daily. So, it's not an easy way to make money. However, it is not impossible to be successful in this sector. Many traders started from scratch, but now they are successful traders. For new traders, many brokers like Eurotrader offer free educational resources so that they can learn to trade easily.
  6. If Forex is easy, everyone should make money. However, traders should not think so. Because Forex is a much harder job than any other online job or business. In my opinion, Forex should be considered as a side business. It is lost pressure if you trade as a full-timer. I am also a part-time trader and trading with Eurotrader for almost 2 years. I also hope to be a full-timer in near future.
  7. To become experts, traders have to work hard in the forex market. After only gaining a lot of experience, traders can become experts in trading. It may not be possible for beginners, but once you gain experience, it's very easy. Forex is very easy to do if you are a longtime professional trader. I am also a forex trader and I am trading with Eurotrader offer for almost 3 years.
  8. Forex is not easy especially when traders are just starting to trade in forex. But as they continue to trade, they can find better ways to trade and forex will become easier. All traders should keep a trading journal, analyze their mistakes and learn from past mistakes. In my case, I used Eurotrader electronic trading journal which is easy to use.
  9. Forex is an uncertain market. If people could know what would happen next, there would be no change in the market. The price will be almost the same. However, trading is associated with risk and losses can be unavoidable. It is also necessary to accept the risks and losses in the market. thanks to my broker Eurotrader I learned to manage the risk properly.
  10. Forex trading is a well-known market that carries huge risks. Many beginners before starting Forex will find it easy to make money. But until they start with real trading, they know the risk factors after losing money. To earn in the forex market, traders need very good knowledge and a trading plan. Learn the proper way of trading as I learned it from my broker Eurotrader.
  11. Forex trading is a complex and hard business. If forex trading is so easy, anyone can become successful in the forex market in a short period of time. However, a lot of traders especially newbies fail in the first stage and lose a lot of money. Always start with a demo account first. Many brokers like Eurotrader offer it to their traders for free.
  12. Traders need a trading platform to trade in the forex market. Brokers provide this platform to their traders. There are a lot of trading platforms in the market. But among them, I prefer the MT4 Platform which my broker Eurotrader offer me. It is one of the most popular trading platforms in the forex market. It is easy to use and support almost all tools and indicator.
  13. It is difficult to start any kind of business nowadays. But in forex trading is easy to start even with little capital. However, like other businesses, forex also contains risk. So, try to learn to manage the risk also. I am also a forex trader and trading Eurotrader which is an FSCA regulated broker. I started real trading with only $50 in their micro account.
  14. Forex trading does not require heavy labor. It is also possible to work from home. The market opens 24/5. So, anyone can trade any time in the market. But it is not something you can do right away. Traders need to learn and gain knowledge in order to earn a stable income from forex trading. Also, need a good broker like Eurotrader to avoid scams in the market.
  15. Every trader can be successful in the forex market over time and experience. So be patient and learn to trade properly. Don’t rush to real trading. Try to practice more in the demo account. In my case, I spent almost 5 months in a demo account at Eurotrader. After that, I invested only $50 in the micro account which is the best account to start real trading.
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