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  1. There are some below offline marketing strategy: Television News Paper Classified Ads in News Public Banner Ads Radio Mouth Marketing
  2. I'm Divya Patil, I'm a professional content writer and branding manager. I joined Top Gold Forum only for gaining hosting relates knowledge. Hope this community will help for me. 😀 Regards, Divya.
  3. Basically, I'm trying to answer the question: “How Do Google Search Results Work?”. In a nutshell, this process involves the following steps: Crawling – Following links to discover the most important pages on the web Indexing – Storing information about all the retrieved pages for later retrieval Ranking – Determining what each page is about, and how it should rank for relevant queries
  4. Following steps will helpful for Image Optimization 1. Use unique images that are page-relevant 2. Use the highest quality format possible 3. Reduce the size of your image file 4. Organize multiple images for optimum viewing 5. Include a concise caption with your image 6. Utilize the “Alt Text” to maximize accessibility
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