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  1. Happy Birthday Sally..... and many more. Charlie :wink:
  2. Paid very quickly after withdrawal request. I am very happy with my experience with West-Finance. Duddits #2484 B)
  3. Paid again. And paid very quickly. Great program to be in. I highly recommend it. Duddits #183 :smile:
  4. Paid again. I must be getting senile. I was paid about a week and a half ago and forgot to post. Sorry Kirk. Duddits #39 ;)
  5. Paid quickly after request. Thanks Witold, Duddits #183 :D
  6. Paid again and paid very quickly. I have always received my withdrawal requests here quickly. Great Program! Thanks Chad, Duddits #61
  7. Compensated again. I asked Kirk for a little Gold & a little Silver from MGV Liquidations instead of cash. When the dollar loses it's value, the Gold & Silver will increase in value so I made out better in the long run. Thanks Kirk, Duddits #346 :thumbsup:
  8. Paid quickly on every withdrawal request that I have made. Thanks Chadwick, Duddits #61 :thumbsup:
  9. PAID AGAIN This program is awesome. Kirk's got a real winning program here. I can't resist putting most of it back into the program. I'm usually a little (or a lot) skeptical about re-spending my profits back into a program for very long but I know that I'll be paid again next month. It's hard to find an administrator that I have that much confidence in. On Kirk's behalf, I'm not the only one of his members that feel that way. Thanks Kirk, Duddits #39 :thumbsup:
  10. WOOHOO !! I just won $25 in PHROA's referral contest. And it's already added to my account. Thanks Kirk, Duddits #39 :smoke:
  11. Paid instantly, again. Thanks Andy, Duddits #26 :thumbsup:
  12. Paid instantly after surfing. Great start. Duddits #26 :thumbsup:
  13. Paid instantly after surfing. I joined today, upgraded, surfed, and was paid. Looking good so far. Duddits #779 :thumbsup:
  14. Paid again. This is my second withdrawal. This month, my withdrawal request was paid very quickly. PHROA's looking good! Thanks Kirk. Duddits :thumbsup:
  15. What's the deal with: ------------------------------------------------------------- "We have been forced to reset due to AlertPay holding all credit card payments. We are no longer accepting Credit Card Payments." ------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds kind of fishy to me because my money's gone from AP into admin.'s pocket because it's sure not in my AP anymore. I lost all my deposits on 9/20 and my account was "reset" to $0.00 and I've been trying for a week and a half to get a reply from Support. It seems funny that members are getting AP payouts now but I can't even get an answer from support. Good luck to all that keep spending here. Don't get your hopes up because I was steadily increasing my spends and still would be if CHI hadn't pulled a "fast one". Duddits #2003 :thumbdown:

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