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  1. There are really a lot of cool ideas that can bring big profits, but they all require money, the necessary knowledge and time to get the first profit. I have small local business, but I want to have an international business in the future. I already have several clients in Germany and now I want to expand my client base in this country. I know that I need local people as my employees, because this way my clients can trust me until I have my brand and good reputation, so I hired specialist to find candidates for german jobs. It seems to me that this is small but significant step towards increas
  2. In order to create a really good, modern application without bugs, you need to count on paying salaries for developers within a few months, it depends on the complexity of the architecture of such a program and its functionality. I think this is why many people who have an idea for an application that will be really useful and profitable are looking for investors.
  3. I want to start investing in sports betting. I know that this is quite risky, so I want to find some kind of site / blog / group where I can find more information about different teams than other bettors. Any ideas on this?
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