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  1. E-scooters are one of the trending means of transport for short-distance traveling. LimeBike app clone development has a powerful admin panel that provides remote access to control all the bikes. With the customer management module, the current status of the E-scooters can be viewed. Appdupe offers a fully functional app with high-end features and reaches out to us to learn more.
  2. Flowers are used to expressing gratitude & affection. The flower business is an evergreen business. With an Uber-like app for flower delivery, users can choose the fresh flowers from the florist shop of their choice and present it to their loved ones. Online flower delivery business has been an instant hit; people worldwide use these flower delivery apps. By getting a fully-functional app from Appdupe, entrepreneurs can become part of this flourishing sector.
  3. Motorcycles have always been the source of affordable and efficient transportation. Bike taxi services is an emerging market and their ability to zip through traffic jams and take unconventional routes to help commuters save time. Entrepreneurs can earn profits by investing in a bike taxi dispatch system. Gain an edge over other competitors using our premium and white-labeled turnkey solutions that are easy to implement, user-friendly and secure.Use our feature-rich and optimized bike taxi platform to launch a full-fledged commute service effortlessly.
  4. When it comes down to on demand apps, flower delivery app solutions are gaining traction over the years. Essentially, to develop a flower delivery app, it can be done in two ways. So, first, you can either set up your own flower app development team, which will essentially work for the app exclusively. There are different businesses that don’t prefer this particular way. However, it takes a lot of money to hire professional people and set up a development infrastructure along with a considerable amount of leadership abilities that new businesses rarely have. Another one is buying a readymade flower delivery app from the popular flower delivery application development company. Essentially it would be quite an effortless way to develop such an app, and a business doesn’t need to spend a considerable amount as well as time. There are a plethora of mobile app development companies which offer such an app with exclusive features such as complete customization as well as free app deployment.
  5. Rapido clone app is a highly customizable and scalable on-demand bike taxi booking software. It is configured to cater to the demands of the market with exceptional industry-standard features making it an apt app development solution for passionate entrepreneurs.Offer your customers the convenient way of travelling on two wheels and zip through the city. Save commuters from the hassles of traveling in overpopulated modes of transport and unending stretches of traffic with our Rapido clone app. Our top-of-the-line bike taxi app development contains essential features that exceeds the stands of the current market. Experience a fully customizable clone app, contact us today.
  6. Since Marijuana has become legal in many parts of world and doctors prescribing them for various medicinal issues like Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. But customers are not yet comfortable buying Marijuana openly, they can make use of the Uber like App for Marijuana to place their order and would get it delivered to them. The stigma against Marijuana for medicinal purposes can be changed.
  7. Offer your customers the convenient way of travelling on two wheels and zip through the city. Save commuters from the hassles of traveling in overpopulated modes of transport and unending stretches of traffic with our Rapido clone app. Our top-of-the-line bike taxi app development contains essential features that exceeds the stands of the current market. Experience a fully customizable clone app, contact us today. As the human population continues to steadily grow, commuting even just a few kilometers away has become more of a tedious journey today. An incredible way to evade this modern problem is by using the best modern solution, a bike taxi app. By simply requesting a ride through an app, commuters can hop on two wheels as a pillion rider and get dropped off at their destinations. Offering such a solution to the people is sure to be rewarding because of the advantages bike taxis have over conventional four-wheel taxi services.
  8. E scooter rental business is doing amazingly well and is projected to grow multiple times by 2020. It is a dream come true for commuters who travel a short distance. Deal out taxis as only a handful of drivers accept rides that cover a short distance. But what happens when the distance is too short to drive but too long to walk? The answer is e-scooters. The easy pickup and drop of the vehicle is one of the major pros. Pros of starting an e-scooter rental business E-scooter is becoming people’s favorite because of its friendly and convenient characteristics. Before knowing the pros of starting this business, let’s get to know why it is popular among the people. Easy commutation Eco-friendly Pocket-friendly Avoid traffic New experience Easy pick up and drop These are the major reason why people are liking it. And all these are also pros for your business. These points attract a lot of customers and hence you can have a wide customer base. Because there’s no involvement of a third party you don’t have commissions to pay anyone. Everything is yours. What do you need to start this business? Unlike other ride-hailing businesses, this one doesn’t need a lot of planning and resources comparatively. You don’t have to hire or pay the drivers. All you have to do is invest in good e-scooters. It is okay, in fact, good to have basic models because this is a new venture and not all your customers would be a pro in riding an e-scooter. The second and important requirement is building a user-friendly app that will enable easy booking and secure payment. The app should be enriched with features that are easy to understand and takes less time overall. Things to note: There have been backlashes with respect to the safety concerns of e-scooters compared to other electric vehicles. So ensure safety to keep problems at bay. Check the transportation laws and abide by the same. Maintain the vehicle and have the batteries charged. Ensure there’s ample space for parking. When the users park the vehicles they have to park without it being a disturbance for the movement of pedestrians. Install geo-fencing so you can be aware when an e-scooter leaves the border. Maintain the e-scooters and check for batteries. How does an app work? User signs up Creates a profile Searches for a nearby e-scooter Reaches out to the e-scooter Unlocks it with the QR code Rides and then locks the bike again It is difficult to find a company that matches your expectations and ideas. You need an Uber for e-scooters app that will help to manage the business without any hassles. What AppDupe offers: It is clear that the e-scooter rental business is lucrative. If you are looking at launching an on-demand e-scooter business, then you need a sophisticated app. Developing an e-scooter app from the start is an expensive affair that needs a lot of time and resources. That’s why you should choose AppDupe who offer the best e-scooter app development services. They offer 100% customizable Jump/Bird clone app that will help you achieve a wide customer base. The services and solutions of the app include, Native mobile apps White-labeled solution Cost-effective Powerful admin dashboard Scalable product Turnkey solution A plethora of features for the app Multiple languages Multiple payment gateways Geo-fencing Live geo-tracking Voice calls Social media login Toggle availability Select model You now have all the information that you need to launch an e-scooter rental business. Get yourself a sophisticated app from AppDupe. Check their website for a free demo
  9. Launch a spectacular Uber-like app for Marijuana that is fast and responsive. Become an extraordinary hit with customers who are looking for reliable marijuana delivery services. Get started on developing your on-demand marijuana app today.Several states have lifted the prohibition on Marijuana and henceforth has made it a legal commodity. Knowing that the prospects of starting a marijuana business are immensely fruitful, the best way to enter the market today is by developing an Uber-like app for Marijuana delivery. With a smartphone application, customers have easy access to get their favorite strains of the medicine delivered to their doorstep.
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