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  1. As a leader in audio communications, Jabra is at the head of the pack when it comes to delivering multi-purpose, intuitive, and useful devices for perfect collaboration, communication, and multitasking. Jabra headsets have proved to be fruitful in enhancing communication for the personal use of people as well as collectively in different workplaces. Each year Jabra has been successful in revealing new products line to meet the demands of its customers. These products have been the key choice for people around the globe. So keeping up with this old tradition, the brand has launched Jabra Engage Series Headsets for the running year 2020. These headsets have been optimized and specifically built for calling purposes. We have selected the top three headsets from this series, which are listed below. All of them are mobile headsets. 1- Jabra Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset with Base Unit This headset is a perfect choice for those people who prioritize maximum range and multi-device connectivity in a unified package. The user can simultaneously connect with up to five devices. For example, it can connect with VoIP softphone, desk phone, two Bluetooth devices, and an analog phone. The microphone has an enhanced noise-canceling feature, and the speakers have an advanced quality that offers crystal clear conversations. The user can select the sound level of the headset according to preference, which remains the same all day. Jabra guarantees the security of the wireless calls through the incorporation of patented pairing, DECT security level C, 256-bit AES encryption, and 128-bit authentication. The two ear-cups of the headset produce stereo audio. The ear-cups are extremely comfortable, and due to the swiveling design, they can fold back easily. There is a silver disk in the middle of each ear-cup, which is used for ending a call. The tip of the microphone has a "busy" LED light, which turns on to let the surrounding people know that you're engaged in a call so no interruptions will come your way. The performance of the headset is serviceable. The hardware specifications include a battery time of 13 hours, a touch-sensitive screen, and a wireless range of 490 feet. The Jabra Firmware Updater updates the software of the device regularly. The device comes with a USB cable, a well-labeled base, power supply, phone cord, and a quick start guide. The Engage 75 Mono provides cordless benefits, and you can have superior sounding calls all day with a talk time of 13 hours. 2- Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headset with Base Unit This is the holy grail of the Jabra Engage Series headsets. Jabra has claimed it to be the world's most professional, powerful, and secure wireless headset. The security is achieved by registering four new patents after 115,000 hours of development. This device is engineered to connect with other devices easily. A wireless range of 490 feet is offered. It has a solid build quality, and it is perfectly assembled as well. Some rare features of this headset include two extra USB ports, the ability to connect with an IP desk phone, standard audio connectors, soft-phone capability, and it can also simultaneously connect with two mobile phones. The battery life is amazing. It has a talk time of 13 hours and a standby time of 52 hours. Comfort is provided by its lightweight body and minimalist design. The headband and ear cushions are small and comfortable, and they can rotate easily. The user can adjust the wearing style to his own preferences. Ambidextrous wear is provided by the swiveling microphone and adjustable size. Both microphones have an indicator "busy" light, which shines red when the user is on a call to avoid interruptions. The stability and high-quality sound are delivered by the earphones and microphones. The box comes with a fingerprint USB flash drive, a divider, base unit, the stereo headset, AC power adapter, RJ-9 cable, and USB-B to USB-C cable. 3- Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Wireless Headset with Base Unit The Engage 75 convertible is not a mediocre Bluetooth hearing device. This powerhouse is both a Bluetooth headset and a communications hub rolled into one device. The user can field both cellular and landline phone lines with this one headset. It is convenient, easy-to-use, and intuitive. This monaural headset can be worn with the headband for a stable fit and added comfort. Perks of this headset are strong security features, a long-range of 330 feet, a touch screen, multi-device connectivity, a microphone that offers solid intelligibility, and the docking station can connect with two devices. In order to not risk any breaching of information, DECT standard security is incorporated to keep the caller's information safe and not let any wireless intrusion happen. These versatile features have made the device to be an all-rounder call routing hub. These wireless headsets have boosted customer satisfaction. You can check more new models at FindHeadsets to enhance your calls.
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