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  1. Protect EA Free Protect EA is robot to hide the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit in MetaTrader 4. After starting, EA controls all opened positions for the current symbol and sets virtual stop loss / take profit lines in current chart window. If in order exist the standard SL and TP, then the EA will remove them and at the same levels sets virtual SL/TP (hidden). When there wasn't set SL or TP, then EA will set the virtual SL and TP in the distance specified in EA params. Download for Free https://www.forexprotect.com/free-forex.html
  2. Free Manager TP-SL EA manages all or only new trades adding SL/TP. Work for all trades on account or only chosen pair. Parameters: Active for New Trades (true/false) choice which trades will be managed: if true only trades opened after activation of the tool will be modified, if false, EA work for all trades also already opened. Active for all Trades (true/false) choice which pairs will be managed: if true work for whole account all pairs, if false EA work only on current instrument. Version for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Download for Free https://www.forexprotect.com/free-forex.
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