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  1. World-Bases - service for selling lists of sites/domains on a variety of CMS. In the presence of more than 40 CMS containing more than 1500 domain zones, here are just a few of them: WordPressJoomlaMagentoDrupalOpenCartAll delegated domainsAll alive sites (HTTP Response Code 200)All online shops Verification is carried out exclusively on fresh lists of all delegated domains received directly from registrars (gTLD, ccTLD, IDN, New gTLD), as well as lists of subdomains collected from private services and DNS records. For verification, proprietary software is used. Databases are updated on a regular basis. The quality of the databases at the time of publication of the update is at least 95%. How to check the quality of the base? Each database has a selection of 100 random domains/sites (from the current database), which you can see for free and evaluate the quality of the database itself before buying. And also on the site there are complete lists of domain zones (with the number of domains in the database for each domain zone) for each of the main databases, for example: WordPress 100 random sites from the current database - https://world-bases.com/api/example.php?cms=wordpress Information on domain zones - https://world-bases.com/api/info.php?cms=wordpress Joomla 100 random sites from the current database - https://world-bases.com/api/example.php?cms=joomla Information on domain zones - https://world-bases.com/api/info.php?cms=joomla Magento 100 random sites from the current database - https://world-bases.com/api/example.php?cms=magento Information on domain zones - https://world-bases.com/api/info.php?cms=magento Drupal 100 random sites from the current database - https://world-bases.com/api/example.php?cms=drupal Information on domain zones - https://world-bases.com/api/info.php?cms=drupal --- All databases can be bought online on the out website: https://world-bases.com/en/ --- Contacts: Telegram: https://t.me/wbits Jabber: wb@creep.im
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