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  1. If indeed this is true I would definitely join the site. But before anything else I would like to know if people are already paid for real.
  2. Great Job there Rose223! I just wanna add that SEO can aid in an entrepreneur's quest of being on top of the line in against competitors. Therefore, more sales coming.
  3. I heard many people are into blogging from teachers, to students, to professionals, athletes and celebrities. Even some have it as a means of earning a couple of bucks. I really admire your generosity there Honey to share such info to us and everyone who are a newbie when it comes to blogging.
  4. Great to know there is a member from the State of Texas. Welcome and hope you will have lots of fun here at Top Gold Forum!
  5. Hmmm, germs=gents? New term for gentlemen. Quite funny actually but ei you got a big hug from me. WELCOME to Top Gold Forum!
  6. scam? I think this is the usual thing nowadays when people are in dire need of money and want to earn yet they end up shelling out money from their pockets and end up with nothing. As for me? Been scammed once and that's about it.
  7. hello, i have been to many ptc and pts sites but really didn't get a lot from them. may i ask some payment proofs from your site? thanks ahead.
  8. just wanna make sure if this is an HYIP program? and what payment processor are you using? i'm kinda interested to join but got only AlertPay.
  9. for the sake of everyone, I have found this website from one of the threads around here and just posting it here so everyone who's checking this thread would know as well. hope this would help for people seeking referrals: congalist.com
  10. ditto on Rose223, think we have experienced the same thing. Hope MySpace can improve their loading lead time. Looking forward for more comparisons. ;)
  11. I have checked your blog and it is very clear, simple and easy to understand on how to make money with PTS Sites. I appreciate the effort to inform those who are not so keen on these stuff. More power.
  12. I am hoping that somebody can give me a site or a list of investment scam site so as to be aware and avoid investing to them. Looking forward for your inputs here. Thank you.
  13. guess everybody is new here, including me. Just want to express that I am so grateful that I came to find this forum because it seems people here are so helpful and ready to share their knowledge over financial issues. Hoping to get a lot more of infos here.
  14. this is a very good source of information around... here is a site that is quite related to this thread. hope this would help.
  15. Affiliate marketing is a great way to take your business to the next level and go viral without shelling out big chunks of money. A major factor of a successful affiliate Internet marketing business goes around identifying the right keyword phrases for your niche topic in order to search engine optimize your website and to focus your promotion efforts such as pay-per-click and article marketing around those keyword phrases and those phrases will lead you to potential referrals or prospects.
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