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  1. While there is lots of uncertainty in dealing with the stock market, some principles can help investors boost their chances for long-term success. They can lock their profits by selling their appreciated investments while holding onto under performing stocks that might rebound. But good stocks can climb further, and minimise the risk as compared to stocks that perform poorly. Most of the investors deal in online share trading and earn high returns. They can save for the future and make up for any pending payments. They also get maximum profits and focus on long-term investments. These investments focus on the future and create a habit of saving from the start. They can quickly and conveniently track their stock performance in the market. • Sell a losing stock • Do not panic in short-term volatility • Never accept free stock tips without research • Pick and stick to a trading strategy • Do not overemphasise on the price-earnings ratio • Be open-minded • Focus on the future
  2. Many people buy and sell financial products online, such as stocks, currencies, bonds, futures, options, etc. They can use many trading platforms to perform their trade and earn a profit based on their investment strategy and objectives. They can treat this as a source of additional income besides their occupation and start investing at an early age. Since every sector has adopted online methods of usage, why not trading? Online trading has become quite popular among investors because of the ease and convenience of use and tracking. They can easily monitor their shares and investments at just a click or a tap on their PCs and smartphones. They can access it anytime and anywhere without involving the broker or any third person. • It is convenient • It is cheaper • Monitor investments at any time • It eliminates middlemen brokers • Faster transactions • The investor has greater control over the investments • Better financial planning
  3. There are different kinds of traders with various investment goals and strategies. Their requirements may not match depending on their investment pattern. Every investor wants to gain as many returns possible to save for the future and live stress-free. Seeing the rise in inflation and insecurities, every person must start investing from the present day so that they can live securely. Some traders deal in Forex trading through online brokers using their PCs and smartphones. They need an active internet connection to operate it along with a small investment margin. The secret to running a forex trade for the long-term is consistent profit. Very few people will tolerate losing out on money while investing their precious time in the process. • Get a device with an active internet or data connection • Find an online broker who deals with forex trade • Open a trading account • Fund the account • Download a trading platform to perform trading activities • After set up, enter the first amount to trade
  4. It is not easy to evaluate a company’s true value. The process involves referring to its financial statements accumulated over several years like the balance sheet, profit and loss statements, income statements, cash flow statements, and lots more. Although it is tough to go through all this information, there are various financial ratios available which can help stock investors choose the right companies for investment. They can also compare two or more companies based on these to decide the best option. While trading in the share market, every investor needs to check these details so that they can invest wisely and ensure to get guaranteed returns. They can also check whether the company is making profits and how genuine are they in repaying their investors. Earnings per share Price to earnings ratio Price to book ratio Debt to equity ratio Return on equity Price to sales ratio Current ratio Dividend yield
  5. When an investor decides to invest in stocks, commodities, futures, options, or any other asset, they require some knowledge and guidance about the market. Without having in-depth information and experience, it is not easy to choose which stocks are profitable and which are not. Many new investors want to invest and increase their returns, but they fear making mistakes and making huge losses. A stock broker is a financial representative of the market who operates securities. Their primary role is to purchase, sell and execute orders. Market participants depend on them because they have experience in the market dynamics of stocks and other diverse investments. · A traditional share broker charges a commission between 0.25 per cent and 0.75 per cent of the traded securities value. Online discount brokers charge fees between INR 10 and INR 20 for each transaction. · Traditional brokers provide personalized services to regular market participants with large investment volumes. Discount brokers are ideal for new investors with affordable brokerage fees. · Traditional brokers provide brokerage services, portfolio management, financial advisory, depository services, mutual funds services, and retirement planning. Discount brokers offer brokerage services, mutual funds services, and passive portfolio management.
  6. In India, currency trading or also called as forex trading has many takers. Even individual investors are now considering currency trading to invest their funds. Online currency trading is witnessing a boom. Some of the benefits are – • Since you trade in overseas currencies, the market is open till 5 PM • Hedging is the route you consider if you want to reduce losses in an unexpected event. With forex trading, you can do simple hedging, complex hedging, multi-currency pair, or forex option. • Speculation is possible under currency trading. It is where you buy or sell currency under specific situations for earning high profits. Speculators buy the currency when it is weak and then sell them when it gets strong. • Arbitrage is another benefit you can enjoy with currency trading. Here the trader takes advantage of the inefficiencies of the price which occurs in a small window of time. • Forex trading allows you to trade on leverage only if it is day trading.
  7. One of the trading tools offered by the brokers is a demo account. These accounts are funded by fake money which allows the potential consumers to experiment with the platform and its features, before deciding to open a real trading account with the broker. These accounts are given by every trading platform such as stocks, foreign exchange trading venues, and commodities exchange. These demo accounts are a way for consumers to test the client’s experience and features before committing their money to these trading platforms or paying the commissions. The potential clients who want to experiment with risk-free trading strategies can sign up for these trading tools. Once you set up the demo account, you can use the paperMoney mechanic for buying and selling stocks using fake funds. You can test those trades under real and live market scenarios. It is ideal for those who have always wanted to trade but do not have necessary funds.
  8. Picking a share broker is quite different than picking a stock. It all starts with understanding your investment style. Today, you have more options than earlier. There are two kinds of brokers you can choose from – full-service brokers who directly help the client in every step and discount brokers, who offer all the necessary tools but leave the investment decision upon the client. Let us understand what goes into picking the right share broker – Fees: If you are under the 30s, chances are there are budget constraints. Knowing the charges that might be applicable is essential. Fee structure: Some have complex structures in place, which makes it harder to realise what you are paying for. This is common amongst discount brokers. Investment styles: Your choice of broker also depends on your investment style. If you want to be a trader or long-term investor, it depends on you.
  9. Trading platforms act as an intermediary offered by stockbrokers to traders. With the help of this tool, the client can place their order, and for this, you need not call the broker or visit their office. There is no doubt that the trading platform has made interactions and trading simpler. This has also removed the considerable load from the broker’s shoulder. There are benefits that you can enjoy with the platforms such as latest update about the current stock prices. Also, for making the placement of order convenient, the interface is user-friendly. Data confidentiality and visual presentation of the data are also provided for the user through the platform. Some other common factors found in the trading platform are – The apps are easy to install through Android and iOS phones. The installation and speed are comparatively easy too. Trading platforms with enhanced user experience and the user interface is essential. This makes it easier for consumers to get information about stocks. The best platforms also provide fast and smooth operations. The platform should be reliable and offer the best performance.
  10. Investing in the stock market requires assistance from brokerage firms. Selecting the share broker who aligns with your goals is essential. While no one can guarantee good returns on investment, but the right broker makes sure the investment is right. When you are searching for a share broker to fall in love with, make sure to research and read reviews about the right broker. Comparison is imperative to understand which one fits your needs. But before moving ahead, you need to decide on the kind of trading you want to do. There is day trading where you buy and sell stocks on the same day. Then there is swing trading where you buy stocks and hold for a comparatively longer period, which could range from a few days to weeks to months. Now coming to the factors of the share broker, they are as follows – • Regulated with SEBI • Online security and protection of the account • Affordable brokerage • Types of accounts offered • Depositing and withdrawal of funds • Varied investment options • 24*7 consumer service
  11. Until the 90s, stock trading was entirely reliable on physical activities. Traders had to visit the share broker office or the stock exchange, check the present value of the stock, figure out which stock they would invest in, and then place the order. However, times changed, and with the intervention of technology, the share broker also advanced their system, and soon stock trading happened online. Stock exchanges started offering licenses to the brokerage firms' access to their website and place orders on behalf of them directly. Brokers today have their trading platforms with varied features and tools. These platforms give the traders direct access to place orders themselves. What other features are common amongst platforms and should offer? • Every trading terminal should provide real-time market updates and quotes. • There should be a clear and user-friendly interface for placing orders conveniently. • One of the reasons traders have now moved online is to access the latest trading tools and techniques. • There should be advanced technology available like charting and visual solutions. • Your data must be protected and encrypted while operating these platforms.
  12. Apart from equity and commodity trading, one other trading that has gained popularity in India is forex trading. More people, including expats, invest their funds in the largest and dynamic financial market in the world. But how to find trusted forex trading brokers in India? Forex trading primarily is famous in metro cities like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Almost 60 per cent of expats invest in currency trading. Over the years, RBI and the Government have regulated this market. Following are the features to consider in forex trading brokers – • Renowned amongst forex traders across the globe • Allows to micro trade • Affordable minimum deposit • Enables to use of local deposit methods • Oversight by high financial regulators • Segregated bank account in a top tier world bank • Your deposits get insured if the broker goes bankrupt • Insurance against negative balance Some of the best forex trading brokers in India are – • Angel Broking • Forex.com • Avatrade • OctaFX
  13. When you do stock trading, there are very low entry barriers and can be consistent as well as an independent business. This is possible only if executed thoughtfully. The goal of every person should be to bridge the gap between the trader and the professional trader. If you want to create an effective plan, there are some price points – entry, exit, stop-loss, and position size. Also, your plan should revolve around the share broker as they will help you with the trading activities. Here is how you can become a profitable trader – By reading some books, buying charting programs, and opening brokerage account, you do not create a business plan. The trade plan involves comprehensive documents that are defined and a clear strategy. A clear mind is key when planning your trading. Considering we are all thrown some negative information, it sub-consciously increases the pressure and dependence. Position size matters as well, and some underlying factors affect the same such as risk, volatility, and capital. Being confident is alright, but avoid over-confidence. Stick to your trade plan and adhere to the defined rules.
  14. Many take up trading as they consider it the simplest way of earning funds. It is also the easiest way of losing funds. The stock market, by no means, is for the faint heart. Even you do not win or lose during the trading sessions, but before the trading hours open. Of course, there is a share broker who guides you in every step of investment, but there are some traits you need to develop by yourself. Some of the characteristics are – · Successful traders have a plan in place and do their homework diligently. · The significant error from the traders’ end is over trading. A disciplined trader knows when to build positions and when to trade light. · Such people are always cautious and know that every trade is another trade because they follow money management techniques. · New traders often book profits too early as they want to enjoy the winning feeling. Knowledgeable traders, on the other hand, lose trading equity if they are satisfied with booking small profits. · Trading is a life-time process, and you keep learning from your mistakes. It is not something you can master within a week.
  15. Everyone is aware of stocks and equity trading. But there is a high potential market that many are unaware of, currency or forex trading. It allows trading to happen with foreign currencies and gives you a chance of profit if you are unable to spot the right opportunity. The international currency market involves participants from across the world. They buy and sell different currencies. Forex trading involves participants such as banks, corporations, central banks such as RBI, investment management firms, hedge funds, forex brokers, and investors. Currency or forex trading happens on platforms offered by stock exchanges like the NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, and occurs between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. You must open a forex account with a broker for conducting this trading. You may also need to open a Demat Account as well. Different kinds of forex trading happen, such as spot or cash market. The latter is the futures market where the currency futures get traded. In the Indian market, futures is the preferred mode.
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